10 Facts about Starbucks Evenings Stores

Starbucks® Evenings stores provide a curated menu of wine and craft beer, coffees and tea beverages as well as sharable small plates. Here are 10 facts to know about these stores.

1. In 2010, Seattle customers were the first to experience the Starbucks Evenings menu.

Starbucks® Olive Way location in Seattle was the first to feature the Evenings menu, offering customers a familiar place to gather later in the day.

2. There’s a demand for the casual meeting environment in the evening hours and Starbucks Evenings menu satisfies that need.

Starbucks customers are already enjoying coffee at our stores in the evening, and now, they have more menu options including wine, craft beer and small plates.

3. Starbucks Coffee Quality team tastes 300-600 cups of coffee each day and influenced the process for selecting wines for the Evenings stores.

Starbucks® Coffee Quality team has some of the most refined palates in the coffee business, working daily to define flavor profiles and ensure coffee quality and consistency. Starbucks took the same approach when curating the wine menu through a small team of Starbucks sensory experts who tasted more than 500 wines to determine the 10 best to feature on the Evenings menu.

4. The Starbucks Evenings wine assortment was developed by Starbucks in-house Sommelier.

Rachel Antalek, Starbucks in-house sommelier, led the Evenings team as they explored the world of wine, looking for the most interesting assortment that’s not only delicious, but a great value as well. The team evaluated different varietals of wine to offer the complex and unique flavors that customers expect from Starbucks.

5. The Starbucks Evenings menu varies per region.

The Evenings wine and craft beer assortment is a reflection of the tastes in a variety of regions across the U.S. For instance, in the Pacific Northwest, customers will find Malbec, Alamos, Argentina and craft beer from Maritime Brewery, Old Seattle Lager. Those in Chicago are offered Malbec, Terrazas, Argentina and craft beer from Goose Island, Chicago, Goose IPA. This results in a combination of local and regional favorites that rotate over time.

6. Starbucks customers are also wine enthusiasts.

70 percent of Starbucks customers drink wine, as compared to 30 percent of the general U.S. population, according to Scarborough Research, Multi-Market 2013 R2 (Age 21+ Only) . Providing another occasion for these customers to visit Starbucks during the evening hours was natural for Starbucks – giving them a place to start and end their day.

7. Research shows that Starbucks customers love beer too.

Starbucks customers are two times more likely to drink craft beer than the national average, according to Scarborough Research . They’re showing the same interest in the uniqueness of local and regional craft beers as they have for Starbucks® regional coffees.

8. Starbucks collaborated with wine chefs to develop the Evenings menu.

Three square meals is a thing of the past. Consumer eating habits have evolved into a pattern of grazing or small snacks throughout the day, which helped influence the small plate assortment in Evenings stores. Starbucks partnered with various wine chefs to identify the perfect complement to the wine and beer assortment as well as coffees. From Truffle Mac and Cheese and Chicken Sausage and Mushroom Flatbread to Bacon Wrapped Dates with Balsamic Glaze – these options are delicious and less than 500 calories each.

9. Starbucks Evenings stores feature distinct design elements.

Starbucks® Evenings stores provide an inviting atmosphere for unwinding in the evening. Designers focused on experiential elements, such as innovative lighting, community tables that encourage conversation, soft seating, warm colors, and local art when developing these stores.

10. Customer requests influenced the development of Starbucks Evenings stores.

Starbucks has found that customers are spending a great deal of time in our stores during the afternoon and early evening. Their needs are reflected in the overall Evenings experience. From the menu to the environment, it’s purely influenced by extending the Starbucks Experience in the right way during the evening hours.

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