Race Together – USA TODAY Special Section and Conversation Guide

Today two million USA TODAY newspapers include a special section to invite dialogue and understanding about race in America. The free insert will also be available through the weekend at all company-owned Starbucks stores in the U.S.

The compendium called Race Together is the first installment in a year-long effort designed to stimulate conversation, compassion and positive action regarding race in America. The title of the publication mirrors the words Starbucks baristas have been voluntarily writing on cups in support of diversity and discussion.

The printed edition features an “unconscious bias” experiment – exploring the attitudes and beliefs that guide us through society. Also included is a diversity index that asks "what is the chance that the next person I meet will be different from me?" Readers will see how that likelihood has changed since 1960 and is projected to change by 2060. In addition to two quizzes, the eight-page USA TODAY publication includes questions to consider discussing with family, friends and co-workers such as, “How have your racial views evolved from those of your parents?”

Download the special edition here, or visit racetogether.usatoday.com for an in interactive version of the Race Together conversation guide.

Conversation can be a first step in addressing the complex issue of race in America. Hearing someone else’s story - whether it’s the experience of a fellow partner, a customer, a family member, friend or a stranger - broadens our perspectives and understanding.

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