The Design Vision Behind New Evolution Fresh Bottles

Evolution Fresh™ unveils new artfully crafted bottles and labels, adding brightness to Starbucks® stores and grocery retailer cold-cases nationwide.

Working for nearly a year, Fumi James, manager of creative design, and designer, Mia Gerbino, collaborated with engineers, brand managers and manufacturing experts to realize a new vision for Evolution Fresh packaging. Their challenge was to create a bottle unique enough to stand out on shelves, and artful enough to articulate the brand’s commitment to quality and culinary spirit. Most importantly, the design had to be simple so it would showcase the vibrant cold-pressed, High-Pressure Processed (HPP) juice inside.

“Our muse for the new bottle design was a classic juice glass that you’d find in your own kitchen cabinet,” Gerbino explained.

The juice glass design was intended to evoke the fresh culinary experience of juicing at home married with the sleek convenience of a bottle consumers grab from a grocery aisle or find in a Starbucks refrigerated case. “We were looking at the bottle very holistically, not just the bottle form, but also the label, and the juice itself,” said Gerbino. “Concepting is my favorite part, because it allows us to dream big, to come up with an ideal vision before the parameters of the project come into play.” Gerbino and James proposed some design concepts that pushed the boundaries of what they knew was possible.

Ultimately they landed on four final concepts that each had unique qualities. After reaching consensus with the Evolution Fresh marketing team, numerous engineers and partners (employees) at the juicery (Evolution Fresh’s state-of-the-art facility located in Rancho Cucamonga, California), they landed on a bottle concept that worked with existing machinery yet remained true to the brand’s lively personality.

These new bottles are made from a recyclable, BPA-free material that reiterates the look of a juice glass and creates a jewel-like effect. The design showcases the vivid colors of the Evolution Fresh juices and doesn’t overshadow the beauty of the watercolor label, which is now larger, more colorful, and more “celebratory” of the premium cold-pressed juice inside.

Each label is designed to communicate the experience of the juice - from specific ingredients and their flavor notes, to texture and the savory, sweet or spicy flavors and how they combine into a distinctive juice blend. Designing the labels was also a labor of love, starting with a lengthy juice tasting where partners debated the nuances of flavor, texture and ingredients to begin the work of naming, describing and artistically representing the juice.

"One thing to keep in mind when you have a really good product like this is the challenge to make it look different from other products, so even though it can be really tempting to be literal and feature pictures of the ingredients that are in the juice, everybody else does that,” James said. “Articulating the flavor in an artful [watercolor] form is another factor that differentiates us on the shelf.”

“I’m happy with the bottle,” said Gerbino, “I’m excited to see it on shelf and I’m really proud of the work we all did. It was a true collaboration. A friend from California, which is closer to the juicery, actually sent me a photo of the bottles as seen in the grocery store, and it made my day! Very rewarding to see all of our hard work come to life.”

Functional and inspired, this new packaging sets Evolution Fresh apart on shelf in both the original 15.2 fluid ounce bottles as well as a new line of cold-pressed juices hitting grocery stores nationwide for the first time this spring. The new line includes five new juice flavors: Green Devotion, Emerald Greens, Green Grove, Berry Beet, Mango Green and one current favorite, Essential Vegetable, all debuting in an 11 fluid oz. version of the new bottle.

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