Meet Some of the Biggest Fans of Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

With the nationwide rollout of Mobile Order & Pay, Starbucks customers from coast to coast are discovering what previous waves of patrons had already learned: it’s easy to sign up, get started placing orders and immediately save time .

Mobile Order & Pay is a new feature on the Starbucks mobile app that allows customers to place an order remotely and then pick it up at their chosen Starbucks location. Introduced in Portland, Oregon in December 2014, Mobile Order & Pay expanded across the Pacific Northwest last spring and then reached about 4,000 stores in June of this year. Beginning today, September 22, it's now in more than 7,400 company-owned stores across the nation for customers using iOS or Android devices.

The Starbucks Newsroom reached out to some enthusiasts of the service and asked them to share what they’ve experienced so far:

Danielle Lesikar – Austin, Texas

As any busy mom knows, it can be difficult to take a toddler into the store, because you have to unload and reload them and keep them entertained while you’re waiting in line. To avoid that, we used to sit in the drive-thru line. Now, with Mobile Order & Pay, we still have to get in and out of the car, but we just walk in, grab the drink, and walk right back out.

Just this morning I parked at my kid's school, placed my order in the parking lot, took him inside, then walked over to the Starbucks and picked up my drink. Mobile Order & Pay can cut 10 minutes out of my morning routine. I told my boss that it’s the reason I'm actually on time for work now.

Bo Mulligan – Albuquerque, New Mexico

I'm a full-time student at the University of New Mexico and work part-time at a golf course. I'm always in a hurry wherever I'm going. Mobile ordering seems as if it were designed for people like me. I can set up my order in advance and leave it at the confirmation screen until I'm within range of my store. One of my favorite aspects of Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay would have to be the high quality pictures on the mobile menu.

After long and stressful days at school, I may want a Frappuccino on the way home. So I set up my order on the way to my car, hit the confirm button and then walk in into my usual store to find it is fresh off the blender. No line, no waiting, pure efficiency.

Omar Salam – Irvine, California

My favorite and most frequented Starbucks is located right behind my house. The place is great. They all know my name and engage in conversation and laughter with me no matter how busy they are.

I learned about Mobile Order & Pay while reading Google News. Being an iPhone user, I was excited that I'd be able to be a first mover on this new feature and would regularly check my Starbucks app to see if it was available. One day it was finally there, shining bright on the top of the app home page.

I absolutely love it and use it at least five to six times a week. I kiss my wife goodbye, reach my for my phone and place my order right before heading out to work. By the time I arrive at Starbucks, my drink is waiting for me. The baristas are all so nice that sometimes when they see me walking up they'll bring my drink to the front of the counter.

There is nothing better than parking your car, walking inside, seeing the line and walking right past it to pick up your drink and walk out before the next customer in line is even served.

Bryan Davis – Fountain Valley, California

I teach in Santa Ana. Every morning before work I order a Venti Latte from the Starbucks right next to my school. One morning before the launch of Mobile Order, my good man, Mario, a barista at Starbucks, asked me if I had heard of Mobile Order & Pay. I was immediately interested. If there is a more efficient way of doing something, I am all in.

Starbucks nailed it! It’s so simple. I select order from the Starbucks mobile app, and then my previous orders just appear. I choose my Venti Latte and the app locates the nearest Starbucks. Then I confirm my order and arrive at Starbucks, walk straight to the bar, pick up my drink and I walk out. With no line to wait in, I’m in and out in less than one minute.

I enjoy telling others about Mobile Order & Pay. My friends are amazed. They think I’m the genius, but I tell them I’m just a dude with an iPhone.

Lauren Lantz – Atlanta, Georgia

I work as a merchandising lead in a store at Lenox Square Mall. My job requires that I be in the store around 5 a.m. When the Starbucks opens at 7, I typically send associates on a coffee run because I am unable to leave my store unattended. I use the mobile order function in my Starbucks app and have a co-worker pick up my order. This allows me to continue with various tasks while getting my morning pick-me-up, which most days is desperately needed,

I'm able to clearly place my order and get exactly what I want every time. The fact that my order is stored and ready to be used next time is also great. I also love that it seems to be convenient for the baristas at Starbucks. They are able to place an order sticker on a cup and quickly move it down the line and into my hands. I've never waited for more than a few minutes for my coffee with the order and pay function, which, considering the busy nature of the Lenox Square Starbucks store, is quite remarkable.

Misty Thiel – Cheyenne, Wyoming

I work in the HR department at the hospital here in Cheyenne. My favorite drink is an iced raspberry White Chocolate Mocha and the downtown location always makes it perfectly.

I first learned about Mobile Order & Pay while waiting in line to order. Brittany, one of the managers who recognizes me every time I go in, mentioned it. I use the mobile app almost entirely now for ordering ahead. My favorite part of the app is definitely the convenience factor.

With the app, I can order before I leave home and my drink is ready when I walk in the door. No waiting is great.

Mobile Order & Pay is integrated into Starbucks Mobile App and My Starbucks Rewards® loyalty program. It’s available for customers using a Starbucks® app for iPhone® or Starbucks® app for Android™. Find out more here on

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