Tips from Starbucks Baristas to Lighten up Beverages

Starbucks handcrafts every beverage to fit customer needs. Here are some barista tips to lighten up Starbucks beverages:

Frappuccino® blended beverage

Request nonfat milk

Choose the ‘light’ option for at least 33 percent fewer calories

Select a sugar-free syrup for great flavor without added calories or sugar

Ask for less whip or no whip to save anywhere from 80-110 calories depending on the size and type of drink

Skinny Latte

Smoothly steamed non-fat milk meets rich espresso and is topped off with a creamy layer of foam and any sugar-free syrup. A Tall (12. fl. oz.) Skinny Latte also meets 30% of your daily calcium needs.

Choose a size that matches your calorie budget; remember the short size option (8 fl. oz

Ask  for fewer or no pumps of classic syrup, which maintains the great flavor with fewer calories

Pick your espresso intensity by adding an extra shot or try decaf

Choose your milk: 2% milk is standard but nonfat, whole and soy can be requested

Barista Pick: Tall (12 fl. oz.) Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup, nonfat steamed milk and a foam topping lightly sprinkled with cinnamon for a 100-calorie beverage that may be one of Starbucks best kept skinny-secrets.  Bonus: 9 grams of protein

Starbucks® Iced Coffee & Tea

Quick, easy, and on the rocks

Ask for it unsweetened: hold the classic syrup for a calorie-free tea or 5 calories iced coffee for any size

Try a sweetener substitute: request Sweet & Low®, Equal®, or Splenda® as you make your order

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