A Storybook Teavana Marriage Proposal

It takes between two- and five-minutes to steep the perfect cup of tea, and about three months to plan a storybook Teavana marriage proposal.

Peter and Kate are veterinarian technicians in Connecticut who started dating after meeting through work. Often on weekends they’d find their way to a small field near Peter’s house to play lacrosse or just sit under a tree and talk. They hadn’t done that for a while though, because as Kate pointed out, “life happens.”

“Between work and life we got busy with other things,” she said. “One day he said, ‘let’s go back to the park,’ which was nice.”

They quickly snapped back into their old routine of playing catch with a lacrosse ball. And, just like old times, Kate said she was “pretty much done” with that activity after about 10 minutes. As they began to chat underneath a shade tree, Peter reached for a duffle bag.

Kate figured he was surprising her with lunch. Awww, sweet. But it wasn't food. Peter had other plans. Underneath the sports equipment, he pulled out several packages for Kate. One by one, she opened them.

The first gift was a Teavana PerfecTea® Maker. Next, she opened a Teavana thermos, followed by an iced tea pitcher.

“I went shopping with Kate many times and she’d mention things from Teavana she liked. I made a few mental notes about all the items she said she wanted,” Peter said.

And there was more. Of course, she would need some tea to go with the gifts Peter gave her.

Kate opened a tin containing Teavana® Youthberry® Loose-Leaf White Tea and Teavana® Pineapple Kona Pop® Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea.

Finally, there was one last present to open, “another tea,” he told her.

“There was small box inside. At this point I thought I figured it out because Peter knew I always wanted a pair of small diamond stud earrings,” Kate recalled. “I opened the box. It was dazzling, but it wasn't earrings.”

He slipped the engagement ring on her finger and proposed. Peter and Kate became Mr. and Mrs. Fellows in October of last year.

“I have to admit, I was kind of a grumpy guy for a while. I didn’t believe in the whole love-at-first-sight, fairy-tale romance thing. Then I met Kate and was head-over-heels in love,” Peter said. “I didn't know this kind of love existed."

Peter said he’s grateful to the Teavana partners (employees) who helped him shop for Kate’s engagement surprises. Incidentally, the couple served Teavana® Cucumber Melon Cooler Green Tea at their wedding.

“Credit also goes to my mom Rebecca who is the fairy godmother in our engagement story. She was passionate about Teavana and introduced Kate to their teas,” Peter said. “They built a relationship over trying different combinations of teas and tea rituals. Now we all have our happy ending.”

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