Three Tips for a Healthy, Happy New Year

The holidays are a great time to celebrate the season with friends and family and to give back where we can. While giving back is what the season is all about, it’s also important to stay healthy. Making one healthy choice a day is a great way to maintain personal wellness and stay balanced in between Thanksgiving leftovers and holiday parties. Evolution Fresh offers these tips on how to stay healthy this season:

1. Don’t Forget Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are crucial for good health. The holiday season is hectic and we tend to always be on the go, but don't neglect balanced nutrition which provides vitamins and minerals supporting the physiological functions necessary to navigate those to-do lists.

Add a little green to a meal or snack. Evolution Fresh’s cold-pressed high pressure processed bottled juices are an easy and delicious way to get almost 40 percent of the recommended combined fruit and vegetable intake. A bottle of Evolution Fresh™ cold-pressed Sweet Greens and Lemon is a great juice to sip for a good afternoon boost, which can be picked up at Starbucks® Stores.

2. Stay Active

Work yoga or even simple stretching into your daily routine. Employing a few positions while talking on the phone, or to recover from a long shopping trip, keeps the body active, posture optimized and reinvigorates the body.

Another fun way to make a healthy choice this season is to sign up for a holiday fun run or walk with friends and family. Not only will it be a fun race to do side-by-side, but racers can help each other stay motivated to do a little good for themselves every week by going on a training run or walk. An Evolution Fresh green juice or smoothie is a good post-workout drink to help the body replenish nutrients used during exercise.

3. Schedule Time to Breathe, Reflect and Express Gratitude

'Tis the season to give, share and be busy. As social time increases over the holidays, put an appointment on your calendar just for you. Give yourself a moment to breathe and reflect. Evolution Fresh Founder Jimmy Rosenberg shares how he takes time to reflect and keep himself well this time of year.

“During the holidays I put aside time for gratitude meditation. This is one example of a self-honoring, loving choice," said Rosenberg. "I find a quiet place, sit up straight, close my eyes and breath in gratitude for all of my opportunities of learning, healing and loving and I breath out releasing fear and mistrust. You can do this for as long as you like. The deep breathing is healing as is the awareness that all that comes forward in life are opportunities and to take greater levels of self-responsibility which allows for more grace, ease, peace and joy.”

Learn More Healthy Tips and Ideas

No more missing out on celebrations with family and friends. Stay healthy and active during the holidays with more health and wellness tips by visiting The Almanac – a lifestyle blog from Evolution Fresh.

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