The First Customers (and First Orders) in Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room

“This place is huge,” exclaimed a nine-year-old boy. “This is awesome!”

Jeremy Cogswell was the first customer to enter the new Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room when the doors opened in Seattle today. Nicole, who wants to make sure it’s noted for the record that she is five and a half years old, quickly followed along with their father Dana.

“We live in the neighborhood and I thought what better way to check out this new Roastery than with my family,” said Dana Cogswell. “I can’t wait to get the first cup of coffee. It’s an amazing setting.”

The setting is a 15,000 square foot space dedicated to roasting, coffee education and increasing availability of Starbucks small-lot Reserve® coffees.  Every Reserve® coffee bean sold to customers will be roasted in the facility on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

The nearly 100-year-old building was originally part of the historic “Auto Row” of Seattle. Starbucks restored the original façade and reclaimed many of the original building’s materials, including wood in the decorative ceiling and original Terrazzo and concrete flooring. Every detail of the space was chosen with intention and reflects the handcrafted nature of coffee from bean to cup.  (Meet the Designer Behind Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room)

“This is an historic moment for the entire company,” said chairman, president and ceo, Howard Schultz before opening the doors. “As our customers come in, just do what we always do. Share with them the passion and love we have for the company, the coffee, for one another and make them feel at home.”

Starbucks partners (employees) cheered. Schultz turned, opened two large wooden doors, and welcomed the crowd that had gathered outside 1124 Pike Street. As Schultz waved his hand, Jeremy ran through the front door. His equally enthusiastic sister was a few steps behind him.

Speaking of Schultz, Jeremy said, “My dad told me that’s the man in charge of the whole company. That’s a big job.”

The first customer order in the new Roastery? Dana Cogswell decided on a Pantheon™ cappuccino. Pantheon™ is a blend of washed and semi-washed coffees created by Starbucks master blenders. Along with his handcrafted beverage, Cogswell ordered a bagel with prosciutto and egg. The children had hot chocolates, chocolate croissants and shared a sesame bagel. 

The one-word review from Jeremy was, “Great.”

As customers streamed into the new Roastery, Seattle’s mayor proclaimed today “Starbucks Reserve Roastery Day.”

In the proclamation, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray noted that Starbucks employs more than 8,000 partners in the Seattle area. The Roastery supports more than 250 local jobs and features craftsman merchandise from Seattle Artisans.

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