Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka’u – Produced by Farmers Devoted to Hawaiian Traditions

On Hawaii’s Big Island, small coffee farms sit beneath the southwest slope of Mauna Loa, meaning ‘Long Mountain.’

Coffee from these farms is hand-picked and processed in small batches by farmers who are devoted to Hawaiian traditions.

The Ka’u region, neighbor to Kona, has been producing coffee for only 20 years on 400 acres of land. Though young as a coffee growing region, it has been recognized as one of the producers of the finest coffees. Starbucks Reserve® Hawaii Ka’u won the Specialty Coffee Association of America "Coffee of the Year Award" in 2011.

The coffee has flavor notes of fresh coconut with caramel sweetness, nuanced by hints of citrus and nuts.

“What I love about this coffee is its ability to display flavors that are specific to its locale,” said Leslie Wolford, a Starbucks coffee specialist. “Although its location is near the famous Kona district, it is unique in its own right.”

The label for Starbucks Reserve® Hawaii Ka’u coffee was inspired by the Mauna Loa volcano with its peaks, flowing lava and surrounding ocean water.

Starbucks Reserve® Hawaii Ka’u, which was first offered in Starbucks stores in 2011, returns this week.

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