Starbucks Korea Combines Fashion Flair and New Fizzio Beverages

What would Starbucks beverages look like if they were interpreted in another handcrafted form?

At a recent South Korea fashion show, a vibrant pink blouse, belted with an oversized fabric flower, over a taupe-colored layered, flared skirt represented a new Starbucks beverage introduced in Korea – the Passion Tea Lemonade Starbucks Fizzio™ with Hibiscus Jelly.

As summer surges on, Starbucks Korea unveiled Starbucks Fizzio™ Sparkling Beverages – refreshing handcrafted drinks with flavorful layers of unique tastes and textures, finished with a delicate, carbonated sparkle.

Three months ago, Starbucks unveiled Fizzio™ Handcrafted Sodas in select stores in the U.S. Each Fizzio soda contains no artificial flavors, no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup and a Grande (16 fluid ounces) has 100 calories or less.

At the celebratory fashion show in Starbucks Famille Park store in Seoul, three new Starbucks Fizzio™ Sparkling Beverages debuted.

  • Lemon Ginger Starbucks Fizzio™ with Mango Jelly: Real fruit juice and spices create a light, citrus flavor with notes of ginger and rosemary that go perfectly with rich mango jelly.
  • Passion Tea Lemonade Starbucks Fizzio™ with Hibiscus Jelly: Refreshing bright citrus and floral notes and smooth hibiscus jelly provide a lively, balanced zing.
  • Yogurt Citrus Starbucks Fizzio™ with Mango Jelly: Combines real yogurt with creamy mango jelly for a tangy and fresh flavor.

In developing Starbucks Fizzio™ Sparkling Beverages, the company blends local taste preferences with its signature twist to deliver more complex and layered flavors.

The Fizzio fashion show also marked Starbucks 15th anniversary in Korea and the opening of Starbucks Famille Park location.

The store's exterior is a geometric glass dome structure that invites customers to enjoy an “urban coffee forest" within the city. The interior features coffee trees, wood, and decorations that use eco-friendly materials such as burlap bags. Coffee trees in pots are also placed around the store to bring nature into the space.

Starbucks offers a variety of locally-sourced food and beverage options created exclusively for the Famille Park store. That includes 32 kinds of gourmet foods such as Basil Chicken Baguette, Nicoise Ciabatta, Curry Chicken Focaccia, and Double Chocolate Éclair. In addition, beverages including Sunrise Apple Juice, Raspberry Orange Juice, Green Tea Banana Frappuccino and Full Moon Chocolate Banana Frappuccino were developed exclusively for the store.

Starbucks opened its first South Korean store in July of 1999 and has grown over the past 15 years with 680 stores in the country today. Globally, Starbucks has 20,863 retail stores in 65 countries.

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Starbucks new lavender drinks offer a taste of spring for everyone