Starbucks New Reserve Coffee Grown in Hawaii

High upon the slopes of Mauna Loa-in the Kona region of Hawaii’s Big Island, coffee trees take root in the rich volcanic soil under the bliss of sun-drenched mornings tempered by cloudy afternoons.

The Parry Estate, where the coffee is grown and processed, was once the royal land of King Kamehameha. Kamehameha the Great conquered the Hawaiian Islands and formally established the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1810. Like the King’s legacy, which has been carefully archived and preserved, this coffee is tended to with utmost care to ensure its brilliant flavors.

“Producing high quality coffee takes meticulous care,” said Anthony Carroll, a Starbucks manager of Coffee Quality. “Meticulous care is exactly the way I would describe the approach taken at Parry Estate. This Estate is stunning. It is well maintained and cared for and it shows in the amazing coffee it produces. The trees are healthy and the mill is clean and efficient.”

John Parry has been the owner and operator of Parry Estate for more than 25 years. This estate produces approximately 7,500 to 10,000 pounds of green coffee per acre.

“Mr. Parry is a very engaged farmer,” said Carroll. “He is focused on quality and has a tremendous amount of respect for those who have the same passion.”

The coffee presents itself with lush floral and caramel aromas, followed by distinct citrus and nut flavors in the tasting. The island’s ideal growing conditions, combined with Mr. Parry’s care during growing and processing, have created a memorable 100% Kona coffee.

Starbucks Reserve® 100% Kona Parry Estate is available for a limited time (March 18th, 2014 - April 14th, 2014) in select Starbucks® stores.

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