Mr. Trenta and Ms. Grande Get Married

He is Mr. Trenta. She’s Ms. Grande.

Their first date was at Starbucks. So was their second, third, and dozens of dates in between the “how do you do” and “I do” of their lives.

Unlike many of us, Eric Roundtree remembers the exact moment he became a Starbucks customer. He hadn’t stepped into a store until he received a Starbucks gift card for his birthday in July of 2009.

“I used it, fell in love with the brand, the products, the experience and I’ve been a die-hard fan ever since,” said Roundtree, a salesman with the copier company. “I travel for work and have been to about 120 different Starbucks locations. Going into every store the baristas are great. I like socializing with them and other customers.”

Eric also fell in love with his wife at the only Starbucks in the small city of Waycross, Georgia – a licensed location within a grocery store.

He’d known Kelley since high school. They briefly dated, then lost touch with neither remembering why their relationship ended. Last year, they found each other again through Facebook when he was living in Orlando, Florida. About 25 years after their first date, they agreed to meet for dinner on a Sunday night.

Both must have been anxious because he showed up at the hospital where Kelley is a neonatal intensive care nurse with a delivery of cupcakes for the night-shift staff. The next morning, Kelley tracked him down at the place she knew he’d be.

“I’m sitting in Starbucks, like I always am, and she surprised me,” he recalled. “After all this time, there we were. Me with a trenta iced coffee with whole milk and sugar-free vanilla and Kelley, just getting off work, with a grande decaf coffee.”

Every morning after that - and sometimes in the afternoon too - they met at Starbucks and talked. Two short months later, he asked her to marry him. At Starbucks? No, that occasion called for a more private moment. They did shoot some of their engagement photos in their Waycross Starbucks and used the hashtag #trentaandgrande4ever to share wedding moments through social media.

Now married for two months, Eric says Starbucks is a bigger part of his life than he imagined it would become when he first redeemed a Starbucks gift card five years go.

“I even have a tattoo of the Starbucks logo, the Siren, on my left arm,” he said. “The baristas and people I’ve met at Starbucks, obviously my wife included, have had such a huge influence on me.”

That’s Eric's Starbucks story, what’s yours? Let us know through: [email protected]

Photos courtesy Callie Beale Photography

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