Live Music and Dancing Inside a Starbucks?

Starbucks presents a series of in-store concerts featuring local Hispanic musicians and highlighting Starbucks Caramel Flan Latte

It’s a Thursday evening in downtown Los Angeles. Tables and chairs inside the Starbucks store at the corner of 6th and Spring have been moved to the side to make space for an event that rarely happens in a Starbucks.

“I’ve been a partner (employee) for almost three years and I’ve never experienced something like this,” said Jorge Velazquez, a Starbucks assistant store manager.

Specialty beverage samples are as plentiful as smiles from Starbucks partners who welcome customers to “Noches Culturales” – Cultural Nights – a series of live acoustic concerts in several major U.S. cities featuring musicians from the Hispanic community.

“I'm so happy Starbucks is supporting local talent and bringing live music to their stores,” said Starbucks customer Laura Sepeda. "This is amazing.”

As they enjoy music, customers sample Starbucks Caramel Flan Latte which was inspired by the traditional flan dessert. Caramel Flan Latte combines Starbucks® signature Espresso Roast, freshly steamed milk and rich flan flavored syrup, topped with a caramel-infused whipped cream and a soft layer of caramelized sugar drizzle.

“Flan is a dessert I grew up with, so did my mom and my grandmother. It’s a dessert that everyone knows how to make and everyone has on their table for birthdays or special occasions,” said Pili Montilla, an Emmy-nominated TV personality and producer who hosts Noches Culturales for Starbucks. “The Starbucks drink reminds me of home.”

Musical celebrations and dancing inside Starbucks stores in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Antonio, and Houston also remind Montilla of the close-knit community in Puerto Rico where she grew up.

“The Hispanic community always focuses on family and friends, coffee is definitely a part of our culture too,” Montilla said. “We feel grateful and proud that Starbucks is bringing people together and highlighting our artists.”

Featured artists have included Irene Diaz, Palenke Soultribe, and David Garza. Elastic Bond will perform at an upcoming show in a Miami in Starbucks on February 25, 2014 while Periko and Jessi Leon step into the spotlight February 27.

“It’s an intimate setting for music, coffee, food, and friendships,” Montilla said. “It’s not very often in a career where you find a project that really resonates with your passion and your love for what you do. This one does. I appreciate that Starbucks is supporting local artists and bringing our community together.”

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