It’s Not too Early to Dream about Summer with Starbucks Brezza Blend

Summer beckons with every bright, herbal sip of Starbucks® Brezza Blend coffee. Brezza Blend embodies the transition from fuller bodied, intense coffees of winter and early spring, to the brighter and livelier flavor notes for the anticipation of the arrival of summer.

Brezza, Italian for breeze, is a blend of coffee beans from three regions: the sun-drenched slopes of Colombia where some of the finest coffee beans grow; Papua New Guinea with a juicy taste; and East Africa where the herbal notes are added.

Starbucks® Brezza Blend is perfect served iced for unhurried, lasting summer days, and it pairs well with lemon, orange, caramel, and golden raisins.

With sweet lemony notes and a brief acidity, this coffee is a good companion for the first warm day of summer.

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Starbucks furthers commitment to sustainable dairy