Evolution Fresh at the Forefront of Customer Wellness Trends

SEATTLE (June 24, 2014) – Super-premium green juice is greatly outpacing the growth of the $1.6 billion super-premium juice category as a whole. Additionally, Greek yogurt, which five years ago represented less than ten percent of yogurt sales, today represents nearly 50 percent, according to Information Resources.* To support those seeking products that support their health and wellness goals, Evolution Fresh has added three new cold-pressed, HPP processed green juices for grocery consumers and is testing a handcrafted Evolution Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie inspired by Dannon in select Starbucks retail locations.

“Our goal is to provide delicious choices for customers looking for high-quality beverages and food at Starbucks or their local grocery store. These new juices and smoothies taste amazing, are nutritious, and are a testament to our cold-pressed difference,” said Chris Bruzzo, general manager, Evolution Fresh. “We hope our customers are as excited as we are about our new Evolution Fresh cold-pressed green juices and handcrafted smoothies created in partnership with Dannon, which also includes a new green juice-based option.”

Building on its reputation as a leader in green juice, Evolution Fresh is more than doubling its green juice portfolio. With the introduction of three new cold-pressed green juices the company’s green juice product portfolio grows from two to five varieties and offers a spectrum of flavor options for consumers who drink green juice every day or those who are interested in starting. Earlier this month, the full line of Evolution Fresh™ cold-pressed green juices began being distributed to grocery retailers across the U.S. and include:

  • New Coconut Water and Greens: a refreshing and hydrating juice blending coconut water with cool cucumber, leafy greens, and a splash of sweet pineapple – a tasty introduction to green juice.
  • New Smooth Greens: a green vegetable and fruit juice blending cool cucumber and leafy greens with pineapple, apple, and mint for a soft and smooth finish – ideal as an everyday green juice and offers variety for green juice drinkers.
  • New Organic Sweet Greens and Ginger: a refreshing green juice blending a medley of green vegetables and crisp apple, finished with a squeeze of lemon and a spicy ginger kick – a 100 percent organic offering and a twist on a consumer favorite.
  • Sweet Greens and Lemon: a refreshing green juice featuring a medley of green vegetables, a squeeze of lemon, and a touch of sweetness from apple – ideal as an everyday green juice, or for those early in their green juice journey.
  • Essential Greens with Lime: a nutritious green juice with notes of spinach, romaine lettuce and kale, accented by cucumber, celery and a hint of lime for a refreshing finish – our greenest green juice, ideal for the green juice lover.

The suggested retail price ranges from $5.49 to $6.99 for a 15.2 fl. oz. bottle. For a complete list of local retailers that carry Evolution Fresh, visit EvolutionFresh.com.

In an effort to develop innovative, high-quality juices and snacks, Evolution Fresh is working with yogurt industry leader, Dannon, to test a handcrafted smoothie, made with Evolution Fresh™ cold-pressed juice and Dannon’s Greek yogurt. The test includes a new green juice based smoothie and will happen in nearly 200 Starbucks retail locations in San Jose, California and St. Louis, Missouri. Beginning June 24, customers will have the chance to try the new Evolution Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothies inspired by Dannon. The test will continue through September and a full line of Evolution Fresh Inspired by Dannon products are expected to launch in all Starbucks markets next year.

The test of Evolution Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothies made with Dannon Greek yogurt will feature three varieties with the ability to further customize by adding fresh kale or extra Greek yogurt for added protein:

  • Sweet Greens: a vibrant fruit and vegetable-based Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie with a hint of mango and banana
  • Strawberry: a fruit-forward Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie with a hint of apple and banana
  • Mango Carrot: a fruit and vegetable-based Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothie with a hint of pineapple

Since the announcement of Starbucks and Dannon’s strategic agreement in July 2013, Starbucks has transformed its existing yogurt parfaits by upgrading to Dannon’s nonfat Greek yogurt in Starbucks company-operated stores in the U.S.

*Super-premium green juice is greatly outpacing the growth of the $1.6 billion super-premium juice category as a whole: 339% increase in sales vegetable juice excluding carrot as an ingredient, versus YA 52 weeks ending 3.9.14. 47% increase in sales increase in sales of vegetable juice including carrot as an ingredient, versus YA 52 Source: IRI Dollar Sales, FDM, 52 weeks ending 3.9.14. Super premium cold-pressed and flash-pasteurized juice sales equivalent to $735 million, up 15% from YA Source: IRI Dollar Sales, FDM, 52 weeks ending 3.9.14 . Based on definition of Super Premium as follows: Refrigerated fruit and vegetable juice with no added sugar or preservatives and minimal processing.

* Greek yogurt, which five years ago represented less than ten percent of yogurt sales, today represents nearly 50 percent: Total Greek yogurt sales in dollars as a percentage of total yogurt sales from 2009 (<10%) to 2014 (47%). Source: IRI Dollar Sales, MULO, 52 weeks ending June 1, 2014.

About Evolution Fresh

Evolution Fresh offers cold-pressed juices and natural foods that provide high-quality, wholesome, and delicious nutrition to consumers. Acquired by Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) in 2011, Evolution Fresh takes a different approach to crafting its cold-pressed juice – it presses and squeezes vegetables and fruits, bottles the juice cold and uses high pressure processing (HPP) to help protect flavors and nutrients. Evolution Fresh offers an extensive portfolio of bottled juices, available in more than 9,300 grocery retailers, a majority of Starbucks® stores, and in four company-operated Evolution Fresh retail locations. Together, Starbucks and Evolution Fresh seek to make incredible nutrition widely accessible. To learn more about Evolution Fresh and our cold-pressed difference please visit, evolutionfresh.com

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