Personal Stylist Grows Her Business through Hundreds of Meetings at Starbucks

The Seattle area is an incubator for grand ideas. It’s where Microsoft, Amazon, Costco and Starbucks began. It’s where thousands of entrepreneurs have launched companies – often over a cup of coffee – they hope will make a difference for their customers and communities.

“I’ve been growing my business for seven years through many meetings at Starbucks,” said Margaret Spencer, a personal stylist and designer.

Spencer’s startup began with a realization that the way women talk about their bodies can affect their self-confidence. She didn’t like using a common metaphor of describing women’s body shapes as pears or apples. Instead, she created the DRES System, which stands for diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire. A component of Spencer’s DRES System is training others to become personal stylists and start their own businesses.

“One small way we begin changing our language to inspire confidence and self-worth is by representing women’s body shapes as gems, rather than fruits,” Spencer said. “Inspiring people to be their best is at the core of our business.”

Also at the center of any business owner’s world is the essential, though not always enjoyable, task of establishing a company infrastructure. For Spencer, and often for entrepreneurs who started their businesses in their homes, that included finding a professional space to meet clients.

As a rendezvous spot, Starbucks stores have become an integral part of her business. They provide a convenient place to meet clients, students and vendors in nearly every city she visits.

“As a designer, I’m visually oriented and Starbucks stores have a classy, well-designed esthetic that leads to comfortable, productive meetings,” she said.

Sometimes, those meetings involve taking measurements and trying on clothing samples.

“I would like to thank Starbucks store partners (employees) for their patience,” she added. “They are friendly and supportive as I often use Starbucks as my office.”

This is Margaret’s Starbucks story. What’s Yours? Share Starbucks customer stories with us by emailing [email protected].

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