Starbucks Newest Reserve Coffee comes from a Paradise of Waterfalls and Native Forests

Starbucks Reserve® Brazil Bourbon Rio Verde coffee comes from a paradise of mountains, waterfalls, native forests and ocean breezes. The coffee is grown on the century-old Rio Verde farm which is located in southeastern Brazil, in the state of Minas Gerais.

With ocean breezes, mild temperatures and more than 1,000 inches of rain per year, this area has a phenomenal micro-climate for specialty coffee. The elevation range between 800 to 1,350 meters and different areas of the farm receive varying amounts of sunlight creating multiple micro-environments for the coffee. This results in different flavor influences and creates the uniqueness of Starbucks Reserve® Brazil Bourbon Rio Verde.

The Rio Verde farm is owned by Ipanema Agricola and has a total area of 1,500 hectares, 600 of which are devoted to coffee. Ipanema Agricola, a Brazilian company founded in 1969, focuses on the trade and the production of specialty coffee and has become one of the world’s renowned coffee producers.

“Brazilian coffees are loved by roasters around the world for their natural nutty sweetness and chocolate body, providing exceptional flavors for espresso beverages,” said Leslie Wolford, coffee specialist.

Starbucks Reserve® Brazil Bourbon Rio Verde delights customers with hints of sweet plum and milk chocolate flavors.

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