Adorable Mini Merchandise for the Holidays at Starbucks

With giftability and beloved traditions in mind, Starbucks is the place for customers to find affordable and personal gifts.

Along with the new Starbucks® Dot Collection and 100 new designs of the Starbucks® Card, in-house designers also honor holiday traditions which include a collection of miniature items.

“We often hear from our customers that the release of the Starbucks red cup signifies the holiday season- and enjoying a seasonal beverage in the red cup with family or friends is a favored holiday tradition”, said Lori Makar, a Starbucks brand manager. “What’s great about our miniatures is that they give customers the opportunity to own a piece of Starbucks holiday – drawing on the idea of the holiday spirit and tradition in a way that’s collectable and affordable.”

The Starbucks® miniatures collection includes ceramic holiday ornaments inspired by iconic Starbucks® beverage cups and sample-sized packs of Starbucks® coffee, which are new this year. Starbucks® Christmas Blend, Pike Place® Roast and Starbucks® Espresso Roast are among the coffee packs and can be used as a perfect size for filling the stockings or decoration on a Christmas tree. The miniature versions are priced under $6 each, making them as affordable as they are collectable.

Adding to the collection of gifting is Starbucks® You Are Here Collection, an exclusive design of demi cups featuring U.S. cities and states. The collection includes recognizible city skylines outlined in gold. The demi cups may be used for shots of espresso or for a coffee tasting for guests.

“The collection draws on the idea of personalization, while also being easily giftable," said Lisa Harpster, a Starbucks brand manager. “They’re great for customers looking for gifts for small gift exchanges like office parties.”

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