A Hint of Lime Zest Featured in Starbucks New Reserve Coffee

Starbucks third single-origin coffee is from Malawi, a country with one of the smallest coffee producers in East Africa. It comes in the form of peaberries hand-selected from three farms produced by Sable Farms.

Peaberries are singular, round coffee beans formed naturally when one of the two seeds within the coffee cherry fails to develop. Dense and uniform in size, they roast more evenly. Though small in size, the peaberry’s internal development gives it an intense flavor. Malawi Peaberry Sable Farms Coffee pairs well with a spiced lentil salad and have crisp and citrus notes.

Fully-washed coffee beans, the peaberries are sundried and hand sorted providing a coffee that has some classic African tastes with herbal notes.

“The flavor range is broad from sweet citrus and berries to tea-like floral and chocolate," said Leslie Wolford, a Starbucks coffee specialist. "I can’t wait to share this coffee with you."

Sable Farms, which produces Starbucks Reserve® Malawi Peaberry, began in the early 20th century. Commonwealth Development Corporation runs Sable Farms as a coffee training plantation to educate local farmers in growing and processing coffee.

The three farms make up the estate and are located in Limbe, Zomba Mountain, and the east side of Lake Malawi, with all of the milling of the coffee done in Limbe.

Starbucks Reserve® Malawi Peaberry Sable Farms is available starting today (June 17) through July 17, 2014.

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