Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend – A Coffee Fit for a Feast

Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend - A coffee fit for a feast.

A culinary coffee to complement the Thanksgiving meal. That was Starbucks inspiration for this special blend of coffees from Sumatra and Guatemala's Antigua region. It's a spicy, full-bodied brew that reveals subtle herbal notes when paired with turkey and stuffing. And it's perfect with pumpkin pie too. A recipe for a great Thanksgiving, if we do say so ourselves.

Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend was created in partnership with Tom Douglas, an award winning Seattle chef who often begins his day with an Americano in a local Starbucks store. Tom is famous for creating dishes that are hearty yet have a delicate balance of flavors. Thanksgiving Blend shares these characteristics. Starbucks wanted to blend coffees that would pair with not just the sweet desserts of the holiday season, but the savory foods as well. Tom and Anthony Carroll, Starbucks coffee development manager, began tasting a wide a variety of coffees in our cupping room in Seattle. They initially created 10 different blends, and they picked two to move to the “finals.” Tom cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal in the middle of summer and he, Anthony and members of the coffee team paired each dish with the two blends. Starbucks discovered that one of the coffees made an incredible pairing with all the dishes, but especially the herbed stuffing. This blend was named the winner.

Now every year, Starbucks look forward to the annual tradition of taking time to celebrate the season with this unique Autumn coffee. Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend is crafted to complement the feasts of the season, both savory and sweet.
Thanksgiving Blend was tasted by more than 10,000 Starbucks partners at one time in New Orleans at the 2008 Store Manager Leadership Conference in the largest-ever coffee tasting in the world! In other parts of the world, this is known as Starbucks Autumn Blend.

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