Veterans and Military Spouses Fill Many Different Roles at Starbucks

Veterans and military spouses already fill many different roles in diverse functions within our company. The partners (employees) profiled below are a few examples of the different ways Starbucks is benefiting from the skills of veterans and military spouses bring to our workplace:

Andrea, manager distribution operations, distribution & network planning

Seattle Support Center

Captain, U.S. Army

“I proudly served our country for 9 years in the Army where I had the opportunity to work in transportation and supply chain. I also prepared and trained units to go to Iraq and managed 4,000 troops as an HR Generalist. Today, I leverage my military training and leadership skills here at Starbucks where I manage inbound freight and help support 4 of our roasting plants in supply chain operations. What I love about Starbucks is that your team is your family—just like in the military.”

Ty, barista

Webster, TX

Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps

“After 9/11, I enlisted as a Marine for the second time and did 3 tours in Iraq. When I left active duty, it was a challenge to find a job and use the skills I learned in the military as a combat veteran. What jobs even exist for former snipers? I’m a new Starbucks partner, and I’ve been able to quickly leverage my background as a Marine Sergeant in a fast-paced and team-oriented environment to provide our world-class customer service as a barista. As a single dad going to school on the GI Bill, the flexible schedule and overall benefits package makes this the perfect fit to work and get my degree at the same time. Maybe I’ll be a store manager one day, but in the meantime, my family is taken care of.”

Brace, senior financial analyst, global supply chain & finance manufacturing

Seattle Support Center

Logistics & Operations, U.S. Marine Corps

“Becoming a U.S. Marine was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It’s also when I was first introduced to Starbucks. My Starbucks Story began during my first tour of duty in the Middle East, when Howard sent a care package of soluble coffee to my unit in Baghdad while I was serving over the Christmas Holiday. I never forgot that gesture. After I left the Marines, I pursued my MBA using the GI Bill, and my journey as a partner at Starbucks began as an intern in finance. Upon my return to campus in the Fall, I took a position as a barista with a nearby campus store and learned that some of those same team-building fundamentals I learned in the Marine Corps were absolutely critical there too! My journey with Starbucks has been rewarding and fulfilling. I now use the leadership and operational skills I learned in the military to help drive the financial planning and reporting processes for one of Starbucks’ major global cost centers.”

Carlos, senior administrative assistant, U.S. & Americas Finance

Seattle Support Center

Technical Sergeant, U.S. Air Force Reserves

“As a Technical Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force over the last 10 years, I’ve supported the unit wing commander who oversees more than 2,100 members. I’m proud that I continue to have the opportunity to serve our country each month as a reservist. Being in the military has helped me anticipate needs and developed my communication skills, which I use every day as a senior administrative assistant for Starbucks.”

Salina, business analysis manager, global pricing & testing

Seattle Support Center

Counterintelligence Assistant, U.S. Army

“I served for nearly 2 years in the Army as a Counterintelligence Assistant and was stationed on the same base as my husband who is a former Marine. As a military family, we’ve lived in so many places. After leaving active duty, I’m proud to have found a home here at Starbucks and use the military skills I learned. The way we treat both our partners and our customers makes this feel like a big family and gives me a sense of community that I had not experienced since leaving my military family.”

Nate, store manager

Webster, TX

Hospital Corpsman and Petty Officer, Navy

“The Navy and Marine Corps prepared me for the business world. I used the leadership skills I learned as a Hospital Corpsman and Petty Officer when I worked for Seattle’s Best Coffee to help lead my team to become one of the top performing stores in my region. My coffee experience continued when I joined Starbucks. I knew this was the company for me after I learned about the many things we stand for—serving the highest quality coffee from bean to cup, knowing our customers by name, and standing for that third place between home and work where people can come together and connect. I’m proud that Starbucks supports the military because serving our country made me the man I am today and my veteran experience is the main reason I’m successful in this business.”

Colleen, group marketing manager, global brand loyalty

Seattle Support Center

Captain, U.S. Army

“As a Communications Officer in the U.S. Army, I led soldiers who were responsible for computers, radios, satellites, and other types of communications equipment that supported infantry and other combat units in the field. When I left active duty and moved to Seattle, I wanted to work for Starbucks because we care so much about our partners, our customers, and the many communities we serve. Today, I use the communications and leadership skills I learned in the military as a group marketing manager for our global brand loyalty team. Teambuilding was a huge part of my responsibilities in the military and a large part of being successful at Starbucks, so it was the perfect fit.”

Sue Lowe, store manager

Carlsbad, CA

Military Spouse

“My husband has served our country in the Marines for the past two decades. Although the unemployment rate for military spouses is twice the national average, I’ve always tried to stay ahead of the game when we’ve received our orders to relocate. Starbucks has taken care of me every time I’ve asked to transfer. Each time I move, and I see our logo and the green apron, I know they are my extended family, and it gives me that familiar feeling in a new place that can sometimes feel uncertain. As a store manager, I can recruit, hire, and develop people. This is exactly where I want to be—working for a company that truly values its people.”

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