Evolution Fresh Opens First California Retail Store in San Francisco

SEATTLE; October 22, 2012 –Evolution Fresh™ today brought a unique, premium juice and food experience to Fillmore Street in one of San Francisco's busiest retail districts, with the opening of the first store in California . In addition to two stores in the Seattle area, the San Francisco location marks the third store opening for the company in less than a year.

The new store will provide delicious nutrition through innovative and wholesome juice and food products to the growing number of people seeking healthier options that fit their lifestyle. A shopping and dining destination, Fillmore Street is an ideal location for an Evolution Fresh™ store, which offers handcrafted juices made-to-order by juice experts, as well as a globally-inspired food menu featuring organic, vegetarian and vegan options, plus bottled Evolution Fresh™ juices, packaged sandwiches, collard wraps, and snacks for customers on the go.

Evolution Fresh™ is one of the few major juiceries left in the industry that still cracks, peels, presses and squeezes its own raw fruits and vegetables. Then, using an innovative technology called High Pressure Processing (HPP), cold presses and squeezes the juices to capture more of the flavors, vitamins and nutrients of raw fruits and vegetables.

"We want to provide people with juices that are alive with fresh-picked flavor and bursting with color and vibrant taste, and we achieve this by never heating our juices. High Pressure Processing is unique to the juice industry," says Jimmy Rosenberg, founder and chief juice officer for Evolution Fresh™. "HPP preserves flavor and nutrients and delivers the taste that juice customers expect."

California customers outside San Francisco can also enjoy the real, pure ingredients and great taste of Evolution Fresh™ with ready-to-drink bottled juices that are available in local grocery and natural food stores throughout California. Evolution Fresh's innovative use of high pressure processing (HPP) means these bottled juices are never heated, therefore capturing the fresh flavor, vitamins, and nutrients of raw fruits and vegetables

Evolution Fresh™ bottled juices are available at grocery stores such as Von's, Whole Foods and Ralph's as well as at select Starbucks retail locations. For a complete list of grocery retailers and for more information, please visit EvolutionFresh.com.

About Evolution Fresh, Inc.

Evolution Fresh™ offers pure juices and natural foods to provide delicious nutrition to consumers. Acquired by Starbucks in 2011, Evolution Fresh is one of the few major juice companies in the U.S. using high pressure processing (HPP) to preserve fresh-picked flavor and capture more of the vitamins and nutrients of fruit and vegetables - this juice is squeezed fresh, bottled cold and never heated. Evolution Fresh offers an extensive portfolio of bottled juices, available in grocery retailers, select company-owned Starbucks stores on the West Coast, and serves customers seeking super-premium juices and foods through a differentiated retail store experience in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington. Together, Starbucks and Evolution Fresh seek to make incredible nutrition widely accessible. To learn more about Evolution Fresh, please visit us online at: www.evolutionfresh.com or through our social media channels https://www.facebook.com/EvolutionFresh , https://twitter.com/evolutionfresh or https://pinterest.com/evolutionfresh

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