Fact Sheet: Spring Street Store – SOHO, NY

  • The countertops of the Clover® and espresso bar, bar cladding, column cladding, chair rail and base are made of repurposed white oak recovered from several barns in Somerset, Pennsylvania
  • The community table is also made of repurposed wood from Somerset, Pennsylvania
  • The flooring is made from reclaimed wood
  • The bar casework, wood seat roundabouts, and metal stools were manufactured locally in Long Island
  • The magnetic community board is made of metal panels repurposed from retired espresso machines
  • The wallpaper next to the Clover® bar area is made of reused burlap coffee sacks from Starbucks roasting plants
  • Custom artwork by local artist Peter Tunney integrates Starbucks existing marketing collateral into the canvases
  • LED and CFL bulbs reduce our energy use
  • Dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets significantly reduce our water use
  • Our hand dryers are energy efficient and reduce paper towel consumption
  • Waste generated during construction was diverted from the landfill
  • The previous flooring in this building was salvaged to be used in another store
  • By using one of our "for-here" mugs or bringing in their own, customers can help us reduce waste
  • All paint, finishes, adhesives and subfloor were carefully selected to improve the indoor air quality
  • Paints used in our store are low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and water-based
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What’s inside a more accessible and inclusive Starbucks store?