This Summer it’s all about African/Arabian Coffees at Starbucks

To kick off Summer, Starbucks is bringing back a long-time customer favorite, Arabian Mocha Sanani, as part of our new line of seasonal coffees that launched this Spring. African/Arabian coffees offered at this time of year are at their peak of flavor, just like ripe berries that you would find at your local farmer’s market.  This batch of Sanani dazzles with a rich palette of bramble fruit, clove spice and cocoa flavors.

Signature Berry Notes at the Peak of Flavor

Long prized for its tantalizing unpredictability, coffee from Yemen, like that in Arabian Mocha Sanani, grows wild in the highlands of the San’a region, where ripe coffee cherries are handpicked and dried naturally in the sun. According to Starbucks coffee experts, this is some of the best coffee we’ve tasted from San’a, offering an exotic array of berry and spices to please your palate.

Wild and Unpredictable

Yemeni coffee is in small supply and very difficult to find. It is picked from both the trees and the ground, which explains its “wild and unpredictable” nature. Imagine the diverse array of exotic flavors that develop naturally as coffee cherries dry in the sun, high in a coffee tree or scattered among the ground.

Summer is Here

Enjoy this full bodied coffee with complementary flavors, such as raisins, currents, spices and chocolate. Arabian Mocha Sanani is available in limited quantities and for a limited time at Starbucks stores throughout the U.S. Later this summer, watch for Starbucks second seasonal coffee from Africa/Arabia. A 1lb. bag of Arabian Mocha Sanani retails for $16.45.

thumbnail for Starbucks and Ashley Park launch The Starbucks Coffee Break-away

Starbucks and Ashley Park launch The Starbucks Coffee Break-away