Starbucks Coffee Spain Unveils Reconstructed Store in Madrid with Amplified Focus on Coffee Heritage and Environmental Responsibility

  • Efficient air conditioning equipment and LED light bulbs reduce the store's energy consumption by 30 percent;
  • Low-flow faucets and waterless urinals in the restrooms reduce the store's water consumption by 40 percent;
  • Wood, metal, cement and other waste materials were separated and recycled during construction;
  • Fifty percent of the wood used to build the store was repurposed from other Starbucks stores;
  • Ninety percent of the new wood used to build the store is Forest Stewardship Council certified, which means it has been responsibly sourced;
  • The countertops were made from an old wooden bench that was given a second life;
  • The community table and leather chairs were found in an antique market and restored;
  • Scrap leather obtained from shoe and automobile factories was used on the face of the bar;
  • The walk-off entrance mats were made using recycled rubber from aircraft tires; and
  • The mural was created using burlap bags from a Starbucks roasting facility – its imagery reflects the origins of Starbucks coffee beans.
thumbnail for Janeth, assistant store manager, California

Janeth, assistant store manager, California