Starbucks Celebrates Ten Years in Korea With a Passion to Create a Better Future for Local Communities

  • Achieve 12,000 partner volunteer hours
  • Support 3 Youth Action Grant projects
  • Ensure 100 percent of paper and plastic cups are recyclable
  • Reduce water and electricity usage by 5% in stores
  • Achieve 30% of mug usage in stores
  • Significantly increase customer awareness of Starbucks work with fair trade certified farmers and the availability of their coffees
  • The National Association of Children Welfare Center for its on-line teacher training program
  • World Vision School for its "Global Citizenship" program
  • Citizen's Institute for its "Environmental Studies" initiative
  • Contribute over 1 million hours of community service per year and support young people through Starbucks Shared Planet Youth Action Grants.
  • 100% of its cups will be reusable or recyclable, and Starbucks will significantly reduce its environmental footprint through energy and water conservation, recycling and green construction.
  • 100% of its coffee will be responsibly grown, ethically traded, up from the current 77%.
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5 things to know about first-ever Starbucks Promises Day