Fact Sheet: University Village – Seattle, WA

  • The countertop on the bar contains 85 percent recycled content
  • The wall tiles in the restroom contain 40 percent recycled content
  • The interior entrance mats contain 100 percent recycled content
  • The redwood siding on the exterior of the store was reclaimed from hop vine poles in Eastern Washington
  • The merbau wood on the exterior entrance mats was reclaimed from existing buildings
  • The structure of the bar incorporates reclaimed and recycled materials
  • The ash used to make the table was salvaged from a fallen tree in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood
  • The informational piece on the bar utilizes recycled slate from Seattle's Garfield High School and salvaged metal and wood from the Seattle area
  • The leather on the face of the bar is scrap leather obtained from shoe and automobile factories
  • The burlap coffee bags on the wall are repurposed from a Starbucks Roasting Plant in the Seattle area
  • The Douglas fir in the wall fixtures and cabinets was reclaimed from school bleachers
  • The metal panels on the community wall were repurposed from old espresso machines
  • The original floor was recycled rather than thrown away
  • Dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets significantly reduce our water use
  • LED and CFL bulbs reduce our energy use
  • Our hand dryers are energy efficient and reduce paper towel consumption
  • During construction, over 80 percent of the waste was diverted from the landfill
  • By using one of our "for-here" mugs or bringing in their own, customers can help us reduce waste
  • Paint, finishes and adhesives were carefully selected to avoid interference with the aroma of our coffee
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Starbucks Hot Java Cool Jazz is a testament to the value of the arts