Fact Sheet: Paris Disney Village

  • The wood is from used barrels reclaimed from the French wine industry
  • The wooden cladding on the bulkhead is made with reclaimed Champagne racks from France
  • The countertop uses a material containing recycled mobile phone parts
  • The leather on the face of the bar is scrap leather obtained from shoe and automobile factories
  • Chairs previously used in other stores have been reupholstered instead of being sent to a landfill
  • The café chairs were found locally in France and given a new home with us
  • The burlap bags were reclaimed from one of our roasting facilities
  • The coffee stamp artwork was made using reclaimed wood
  • The walk-off mats at our entrances were made with recycled rubber from French aircraft tires
  • Low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets in our restrooms help us conserve water and energy
  • LED and CFL bulbs reduce our energy use
  • Our unique ventilation system utilizes natural convection-exhausting heat that rises through the tower, significantly reducing energy use
  • Our baristas play a key role in reducing energy use by opening store doors and windows to provide natural ventilation at specific times of day
  • During construction, resulting waste was diverted from the landfill
  • Coffee grounds produced by our store are donated to the Disney park facilities team so they can be used for composting
  • Paints used in our store are low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and water-based
  • Paints, sealants and adhesives were selected to avoid interference with our coffee aroma
  • The tabletops and many other fixtures were made with solid bamboo, a rapidly renewable material