Steeped in Coffeehouse Tradition, Starbucks Introduces New Handcrafted Tea Beverages and Encourages Consumers to Take a Much Needed Break

With the year coming to a close, a recent StrategyOne survey* shows nearly two out of three Americans would take time to rejuvenate if they had an extra 15 minutes in their day.  But with more than half [55 percent] feeling it's difficult to make more time for themselves, on January 3, 2009 Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) introduces the perfect 15-minute break to refresh and unwind just in time for the New Year ? Tea at Starbucks.

"It's essential to take a pause and allow yourself to feel calm and at peace.  In fact, taking a break can clear your mind and enable you to be more productive during a busy day," says Lisa Drayer, registered dietitian and wellness expert.  "A tea break is a quick and simple way to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul in the New Year. And since they provide a boost of anti-aging antioxidants, a tea beverage from Starbucks offers a healthful respite in today's stressful environment."

Starbucks introduction of the new Full Leaf Tazo® Tea Lattes and Tazo® Tea Infusions is a continuation of the company's commitment to offering better-for-you options. Most of the tea offerings are less than 200 calories for a tall size (12 fl oz) and most provide more antioxidants than an 8-ounce glass of orange juice, which are essential to protecting the body's immune system.

Starbucks new Full Leaf Tazo® Tea Lattes are our first handcrafted tea offerings to use full-leaf tea bags in our stores, allowing customers to steep to their own taste preferences.  Starbucks Tea Lattes are made from a soothing combination of steamed milk and Tazo® tea and are available in three new varieties:

  • Black Tea Latte, a bold, invigorating combination of black tea and freshly steamed milk;
  • Vanilla Rooibos Latte, a naturally caffeine-free infusion of botanicals that unites South African rooibos (ROY'-bus), Tahitian vanilla, sweet spices and freshly steamed milk;
  • London Fog Latte, an intriguing blend of black tea, citrusy bergamot, French lavender, vanilla and freshly steamed milk.
  • Berry Chai Infusion, a blend of aronia berry and black currant juices steamed with black tea and sweet, exotic spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves;
  • Apple Chai Infusion, a blend of apple juice steamed with black tea and sweet spices. 
  • Introduction of healthier breakfast food offerings, including Starbucks® Perfect Oatmeal (2008)
  • Introduction of Vivanno™ Nourishing Blends, a blend of whole fruit, milk, ice and our proprietary protein & fiber powder, and free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners (2008)
  • Inclusion of Skinny Lattes on the menu board to make it simple to order a sugar-free, nonfat latte (2008)
  • Elimination of artificial trans fat from all products in U.S. and Canadian stores (2007)
  • Conversion to 2% milk as a beverage standard in the U.S. and Canada (2007)
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