Starbucks Announces Renewed Commitment to Communities at 2008 Leadership Conference

Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) today announced thirteen measurable goals, to be achieved by 2015, as part of Starbucks? Shared Planet?. As part of this commitment, 100 percent of the company's coffee will be responsibly grown and ethically traded; 100 percent of Starbucks cups will be reusable or recyclable; the company will significantly reduce its environmental footprint through energy and water conservation, recycling and green construction; and contribute one million community service hours per year.

"Starbucks Shared Planet is not just about how important it is to us that we're a socially responsible company, it's to reaffirm Starbucks leadership in the retail and coffee industries and the communities in which we are operating," said Howard Schultz, chairman, president and ceo of Starbucks Coffee Company. "While these goals are aspirational, we have set substantive measurements that will challenge us to be a better company. During this time of economic uncertainty we realize that we have the opportunity and the responsibility to keep our focus on our commitment to keep our communities strong, and I'm proud of what we're doing to live up to the guiding principles of this company."

Starbucks is taking a major step this week towards meeting the community involvement goal by kicking off its 10,000 partner (employee)-strong Leadership Conference, where participants will take part in community service projects to help rebuild the areas hardest hit by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Additionally, partners will participate in advanced coffee education programs and attend business sessions as the company continues to focus on operational improvements and a commitment to its core ? coffee and the customer experience.

Goals Starbucks plans to achieve by 2015 include:

Ethical Sourcing:
- Purchase 100 percent of all coffee through ethical sourcing practices, up from the current 65 percent
- Invest in a better future for farmers and their communities by nearly doubling funding to organizations that provide farmer loans
- Pro-actively impact climate change by offering farmers incentives to prevent deforestation. Pilot programs with Conservation International in Sumatra, Indonesia and Chiapas, Mexico are underway.

Community Involvement:
- Contribute more than one million community service hours per year in communities where we do business
- Engage 50,000 young social entrepreneurs to innovate and take action and, in turn, inspire 100,000 individuals to take action in their communities through the Starbucks Social Entrepreneurs Fund

Environmental Stewardship:
- 100 percent of Starbucks cups will be either reusable or recyclable
- 25 percent of cups will be reusable
- Increase recycling available in our stores
- 50 percent energy used in our company-owned stores will come from renewable sources by 2010
- Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by making our company-owned stores 25 percent more energy efficient by 2010
- Significantly reduce water usage
- All new company-owned stores will be certified green by 2010
- Champion tropical rainforest protection as a solution for climate change

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