Starbucks and Global Green USA Spotlight Climate Change Solutions with Launch of “Planet Green Game”

Starbucks and Global Green USA have teamed up to encourage individuals to “click, play and learn” about global climate change and smart solutions with the launch of Planet Green Game. Through the online game – located at – players can explore a virtual world and learn how everyday decisions by individuals, cities, schools and businesses can impact the climate and environment. The game offers real-world examples of how individuals can change their own behavior and also influence the actions of community, political and corporate leaders to engage in the effort to stop global warming. 



“We hope Planet Green Game illuminates the climate issue for players and inspires them to be part of the solution through simple changes to their everyday decisions,” said Ben Packard, director of Environmental Affairs for Starbucks. “As one of Starbucks many environmental efforts, Planet Green Game reflects our commitment to contributing positively to the environment and we hope our customers will learn what they can do to help.”



“Planet Green Game educates individuals on how they can be part of smart solutions in their own lives – choosing energy efficient products, green building for their homes and more fuel efficient transportation,” said Matt Petersen, president and ceo of Global Green USA, who advised on the content and framework for the game. “Individuals can also join together in urging businesses, cities, schools and political leaders to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through green building, clean transportation and renewable energy.”



In Planet Green Game, players select an avatar (digital character) to explore Evergreen, a fictional city, with six landmarks. Players can choose their mode of transportation and explore these destinations and throughout their journey, learn about environmental factoids and tips that can be incorporated into their daily lives – whether it’s properly servicing a car for improved fuel efficiency or learning techniques to influence local public officials and corporate decision makers.



Two bonus destinations include a virtual movie theater and Starbucks store. At the Planet Green Game movie theater, “green” short films from the Gen Art online movie festival will be screened 24 hours a day. The virtual Starbucks store will also give players the opportunity to vote on environmental priorities the company should consider focusing on and email feedback that will be shared with members of the Corporate Social Responsibility executive team.



Part of Starbucks Ongoing Environmental Initiatives



Planet Green Game is the newest addition to several ongoing environmental initiatives at Starbucks. The company is among the top purchasers of renewable energy certificates in the United States, offsetting 20 percent of its energy use with 100 percent renewable wind energy. Starbucks stores also incorporate sustainable building components into their design and construction with efficient lighting systems and furniture built from wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Additionally, the company introduced the first-ever 10 percent post-consumer recycled fiber hot cups in the U.S. and Canada, which helps reduce Starbucks use of virgin wood fibers in its paper supply chain. Starbucks encourages customers to participate in environmental initiatives through popular in-store programs like the reusable mug $0.10 discount and “Grounds for Your Garden.”



Learn more about Starbucks environmental programs by reading our 2006 Corporate Social Responsibility Report online at

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