Starbucks New Spicy Lemonade Refreshers and Spicy Cream Cold Foam Are Coming in Hot  

Lineup of Starbucks Spicy Drinks on a background graphic of flames and with emoji graphics of stars and flames

On Tuesday, April 16, Starbucks is coming in hot with the introduction of the new Spicy Lemonade Refreshers beverages in three tropical flavors – Spicy Dragonfruit, Spicy Pineapple and Spicy Strawberry – alongside a new Spicy Cream Cold Foam. Inspired by the “swicy” trend, which combines sweet and spicy flavors in all sorts of creative ways, the new Spicy Lemonade Refreshers bring together the sweetness of a Starbucks Refreshers® Beverage, the zest of lemonade and the heat of Starbucks Spicy Chili Powder Blend to create a deliciously refreshing sip with absolutely no chill.

The Spicy Lemonade Refreshers Beverages and Spicy Cream Cold Foam will be available in U.S. Starbucks stores for a very limited time this spring, while supplies last. 

Spicy Dragonfruit 

Product Recommendation: Spicy Dragonfruit 

Sweet flavors of mango and exotic dragonfruit shaken with ice, real dragonfruit pieces, zesty lemonade and Starbucks Spicy Chili Powder Blend.   

Spicy Pineapple

Product Recommendation: Spicy Pineapple

Sweet flavors of pineapple and passionfruit shaken with ice, real pineapple pieces, zesty lemonade and Starbucks Spicy Chili Powder Blend.   

Spicy Strawberry

Product Recommendation: Spicy Strawberry

Sweet flavors of strawberry and açaí shaken with ice, real strawberry pieces, zesty lemonade and Starbucks Spicy Chili Powder Blend. 

Spicy Cream Cold Foam

Product Recommendation: Spicy Cream Cold Foam

Available as a customization, customers can add Spicy Cream Cold Foam, crafted with Starbucks classic cold foam and Spicy Chili Powder Blend, to any Starbucks beverage. Try adding Spicy Cream Cold Foam to a Cold Brew for a coffee with a kick, or enjoy it with an Iced Chai Tea Latte for a delicious combination of spices. 

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Starbucks Reserve® Roasteries and stores are also embracing the heat this spring with a sweet and spicy twist on signature classics – the affogato and espresso martini. Learn more about the new hot honey beverages available at Starbucks Reserve stores in Chicago, NYC and Seattle here.