Starbucks Elects Daniel Servitje, Neal Mohan and Mike Sievert to its Board of Directors  

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Servitje – CEO and Chairman of Grupo Bimbo – brings more than 20 years of experience in global operations and corporate business development.

Mohan – CEO of YouTube, the online video sharing and content platform with more than 2B users.

Sievert – CEO, President, and Director at T-Mobile US, Inc. since 2020, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, leading it to unprecedented growth since taking over after its merger with Sprint.

SEATTLE – Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX) today announced the election of Daniel Servitje, Neal Mohan and Mike Sievert to its Board of Directors.

Servitje has served as CEO of Grupo Bimbo since 1997 and as Chairman since 2013. He brings more than 20 years of global operations experience and insight into corporate business development.  

The global leader in the baking industry and an important player in snacks, Grupo Bimbo drives annual sales of $22.3 billion with over 217 plants and more than 148,000 associates across 34 countries throughout the world. Grupo Bimbo’s 100 plus brands include Bimbo, Sara Lee, Entenmann’s, Thomas’ English muffins, and Takis tortilla chips. 

Mohan is the CEO of YouTube. Before his appointment as CEO, Neal served as the company’s Chief Product Officer, responsible for all YouTube products, user experience and trust and safety, and was previously Senior Vice President of Display and Video Ads at Google. Before joining Google, Neal was Senior Vice President of Strategy and Product Development at DoubleClick where he built the company's strategic plan, rapidly grew the business, and spearheaded its sale and integration into Google. YouTube is used by over two billion people across the globe to watch and share video, access information, build community, and shape culture.  
Mohan is a director on the board of 23andMe and previously served on the board at Stitch Fix. 

Sievert has been CEO, President and Director of T-Mobile US, Inc. since 2020. Under his leadership, T-Mobile has embarked on an expansive, multiyear growth strategy that builds on its longstanding leadership in value and customer experience while rapidly building the nation’s leading 5G network for its more than 117 million subscribers and more than 70,000 employees – operating a best-in-class retail experience and driving annual revenues exceeding $80 billion. 

Sievert served as director of Shaw Communications from 2018 to 2023. He has also served on the boards of Rogers Wireless Communications in Canada, Switch & Data Corporation, and a number of technology start-ups.  

“We are excited to welcome Daniel, Neal and Mike as new independent directors to the Starbucks board,” said Starbucks Chair Mellody Hobson. “These additions, combined with Laxman’s inspiring and strategic vision, complement our existing skills and experiences, and we are confident they will provide valuable perspectives as we continue to execute our strategy, drive growth and build long-term shareholder value for Starbucks." 

“We are a company with a Mission and Promises grounded in humanity,” said Laxman Narasimhan, Starbucks chief executive officer. “I am pleased to welcome Daniel, Neal and Mike to the Starbucks board – who bring great and diverse expertise across consumer technology, streaming media, operations and best in class employee experience – as we pursue ambitious goals for our partners and stakeholders with intention, transparency and accountability.” 

Servitje, Mohan and Sievert join eight other members of the Starbucks Board of Directors: Mellody Hobson, Richard Allison, Andy Campion, Beth Ford, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Satya Nadella, Wei Zhang and Laxman Narasimhan. 

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Directors and Director Nominees*
Mellody Hobson (Independent Starbucks Board of Directors chair)
Richard E. Allison Jr.
Andrew Campion
Beth E. Ford
Jørgen Vig Knudstorp
Satya Nadella
Laxman Narasimhan
Wei Zhang

Certain Officers and Other Employees*
Laxman Narasimhan (chief executive officer)
Rachel Ruggeri (executive vice president, chief financial officer)
Brad Lerman (executive vice president, general counsel)
Sara Kelly (executive vice president, chief partner officer)
AJ Jones II (executive vice president, chief communications officer, Public Affairs)
Tiffany Willis (vice president, Investor Relations & ESG Engagement)
Josh Gaul (assistant corporate secretary and managing director, corporate counsel)