Spring Into Pastels with Starbucks New Spring Merchandise 

Alongside its new lavender-filled spring menu, Starbucks new spring merchandise is also blooming with color. From multi-colored pastel cold cups to solid color curved hot cups, this vibrant collection will be available in participating U.S. stores for a limited time, while supplies last.  

Plus, Starbucks® Rewards members who bring a clean, personal cup will earn 25 Stars in addition to 10 cents off their beverage* – whether they order in café, on the Starbucks app, or in the drive-thru.

Pastel Tie-Dye Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Pastel Tie-Dye Cold Cup (24 oz)

Enjoy cold sips in the daylight with this multi-colored pastel cold cup.

Price: $29.95 

Pastel Pink Curved Mug (14 oz)

Product Recommendation:Pastel Pink Curved Mug (14 oz)

This millennial pink mug with a modern design adds a splash of color to any mug collection. 

Price: $16.95 

Metallic Magenta Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Metallic Magenta Cold Cup (24 oz)

A cold drink tumbler with a soft touch metallic feel, a siren scale design, and the ability to stand out like a magenta flower blooming in nature. 

Price: $22.95 

Gradient Orange Sherbet Cold Cup (24  oz)

Product Recommendation:Gradient Orange Sherbet Cold Cup (24 oz)

Embrace the colors of a spring sunset with this stainless-steel cold cup, destined to keep your Pink Drink cold longer. 

Price: $29.95 

Stainless Steel Curved Tumbler (16 oz)

Product Recommendation:Stainless Steel Curved Tumbler (16 oz)

Like seeing rain in nature, this modern curved design and calming color allow for a great way to start the day. 

Price: $27.95 

Iridescent Glass Water Bottle (20 oz)

Product Recommendation:Iridescent Glass Water Bottle (20 oz)

See the reflection of a rainbow after a spring shower while staying hydrated with this glass water bottle. 

Price: $24.95 

Multicolor Sherbet Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Multicolor Sherbet Cold Cup (24 oz)

This cold cup utilizes a color blocked design featuring pastel sherbet colors and the ability to hold any Starbucks® cold beverage in style. Available exclusively at Starbucks licensed locations in Target stores in the U.S.

Price: $19.95 

Seafoam Green Shell Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Seafoam Green Shell Cold Cup (24 oz)

Watch the tide come in as seafoam appears, and the waves match the vibes of this cold cup. Available exclusively at select Starbucks licensed store locations in the U.S., which includes Starbucks stores located in grocery stores, airports, hospitals and more.  

Price: $19.95 

*Valid at participating stores on in-store beverage purchases only (max 3x per day). To qualify for the reusable cup benefit, you must have made at least one Star earning transaction.