Message from Laxman: Starbucks Global Impact Report

Starbucks has always been a different kind of company. We’re on a journey to unleash the limitless possibilities of human connection.

In fact, our new mission, launched in 2023, is centered on this –
With every cup, with every conversation, with every community,
we nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection.

In pursuit of this mission, we established ambitious promises to
all our critical stakeholders. These represent the mutual success
we commit to, together.

As this report details, when Starbucks is at its best, we promise:

— To bridge to a better future for our partners.
— To uplift the everyday for our customers.
— To help ensure the future of coffee for all for our farmers.
— To contribute positively to each of our communities.
— To give more than we take from the environment.
— To generate enduring long-term returns for our shareholders.

Our mission, these promises, and our values all underscore our commitment to a new era of Starbucks, which will go even further to serve our partners and the world around us.

For more than 20 years, we have reviewed our performance with the Starbucks Global Impact Report. We approach this work with the same commitment to transparency, intentionality, and accountability our partners bring to their work every single day.

As we report on the company’s environmental and social impact in
FY23, we are proud of the progress we have made. More than ever, we can be a force for positive action.

From investing in our partners through world-class benefits and
programs to making it easier for our customers to use reusable cups and working with farmers to support a healthy coffee future, we see an opportunity to evolve and modernize the core of who we are as a brand and a business.

And an opportunity to better meet the needs of today — and of our future.

With gratitude and optimism,
Laxman Narasimhan
chief executive officer