Starbucks Response and Support for Communities Experiencing Recent Natural Disasters

As the communities we serve and our partners (employees) face the impacts of natural disasters – from hurricanes to wildfires – Starbucks and The Starbucks Foundation continue to support disaster relief efforts on the ground, leveraging nonprofit partnerships and ensuring the safety of our partners. Our partners and customers working together to support each other and our communities in the aftermath of disaster has shown how we nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection, especially when needed the most.  

As part of our Community Promise to contribute positively, our Starbucks partners also extend support to their local communities, from volunteering with and donating to relief efforts to offer comfort and connection through cups of coffee to communities and first responders. When safe to do so, we aim to reopen our stores to offer a safe space for communities to come together, heal and rebuild.

We will continue to use this page to provide timely updates, share examples of how Starbucks is working alongside communities and ways to support relief efforts. As always, we encourage our partners and communities to follow to local authority safety advisements and reference Starbucks store locator for store specific information.

Spokane County, WA Wildfires:

The Starbucks Foundation has donated to the following organizations that are providing support to those impacted by the Spokane wildfires.

Canada Wildfires: This year marks an unprecedented wildfire season across Canada. Communities and partners (employees) from coast-to-coast have been uniquely impacted by the worst wildfire season on record. Our thoughts are with the people of Yellowknife, Kelowna, and the many other communities across Canada navigating the devastating effects of wildfires this past year. In response to the ongoing impact of these natural disasters, Starbucks Canada and The Starbucks Foundation are working directly with the Canadian Red Cross as part of its Disaster Response Alliance to provide  support to those in need. Additionally, donations at the register are available at Canadian stores as well as on the Canadian Starbucks app to contribute to the Canadian Red Cross 2023 Wildfire Fund. In addition to an annual $100,000 CAD commitment from The Starbucks Foundation to Canadian Red Cross to invest in the safety and resiliency of Canadian communities, The Starbucks Foundation is also  donating $20,000 CAD across local charities supporting communities impacted by wildfires. Learn more here.

Hawaii Wildfires: Our thoughts are with the people of Hawaii as they navigate the devastating effects of wildfires burning in Hawaii, most severely on the island of Maui. The Starbucks Foundation has contributed a total of $150,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations providing support to those in need, and we are grateful for the many customers who contributed to supporting Red Cross relief efforts in Hawaii. Learn more here.