Starbucks rings in the Year of the Rabbit with new merchandise

A lineup of Starbucks tumblers on a light pink and green background

January 22 marks the Lunar New Year, and this year the moon is shining its light on the rabbit – a gentle and compassionate member of the Chinese zodiac. To honor this cuddly creature and celebrate the start of the new year, Starbucks is releasing Year of the Rabbit drinkware collections across the world. From Asia to the U.S., customers can find mugs, tumblers, and cold cups featuring the zodiac animal of the year. 

United States 

In the U.S., Starbucks Year of the Rabbit drinkware is similar to select Lunar New Year designs available in the Asia Pacific region and Japan, featuring the celebrated rabbit embracing spring flowers. Customers can find Year of the Rabbit merchandise exclusively at Starbucks cafés in Target stores nationwide, while supplies last. 

Year of the Rabbit Mug (14 oz) 


Manifest good luck at the start of the day while enjoying a cup of coffee in this adorable Year of the Rabbit Mug. Price: $16.95* 

Year of the Rabbit Tumbler (12 oz) 


This tumbler’s fun floral design features bright flowers blooming for the new year.  Price: $22.95* 

Year of the Rabbit Cold Cup (24 oz)


Hop to your next daily activity with a cold beverage in this eye-catching Year of the Rabbit Cold Cup. Price: $20.95* 


In China, Starbucks celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with two special merchandise collections, available for a limited time, while supplies last. The traditional collection features the classic character of zodiac rabbit, while the other collection features a rabbit playing with persimmon, a seasonal fruit and fortune symbol in China. 

Japan and Asia Pacific 

Across 15 Asia Pacific markets and Japan, Starbucks celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with two merchandise collections. The first collection features a cozy rabbit under a winter blanket and the second features an adorable rabbit amid blooming spring flowers. 


In Korea, Lunar New Year merchandise is centered around the Year of the Rabbit with many bunny-themed products. The collection features gift sets to celebrate the Lunar New Year, a big family holiday in Korea, and introduces traditional Korean Bangjja Yugi brassware for the first time. 

A collection of Starbucks tumblers and mug in white, gold and black colors


This Lunar New Year the Vietnamese zodiac differs from the Chinese zodiac. In Vietnam, 2023 marks the Year of the Cat, and Starbucks stores will feature exclusive Year of the Cat merchandise, available for a limited time, while supplies last. 

Starbucks light pink tumbler with a cat design on it

*Pricing of drinkware varies by retailer; availability may vary based on store location.