Starbucks Plant-Based Menu and Cage-Free Practices

The goal across our foods and beverages is to provide customers choice. Building on Starbucks sustainability commitment, the company’s objective is to expand plant-based choices that help contribute to our goal to be a resource positive company, at a time when many of our supply markets are making a transition to a more sustainable future. Starbucks continues to introduce new drinks and food to menus globally while innovating with plant-based ingredients across key platforms like espresso, cold brew, refreshment, food and more.

Starbucks Beverages and Non-Dairy Milk

In U.S. Starbucks stores, at no additional cost, customers can add up to four ounces of non-dairy milk to Hot or Iced Brewed Coffee or Tea, Cold Brew and Americano beverages.

Starbucks Rewards members can also redeem 25 Stars to substitute non-dairy milk in any beverage where it is not part of the standard recipe.

Customers can also choose to customize any beverage with a non-dairy milk on the menu for an additional charge; this is similar to other beverage customizations such as an additional espresso shot or syrup (pricing varies by market). 

We continue to introduce new and seasonal drinks with non-dairy milk as the standard recipe. Currently, the Starbucks permanent menu offers eight beverages with non-dairy milk as the standard recipe.

More information on Starbucks plant-based menu can be found here.

Cage-Free Eggs

As of November 2022, 100 percent of all eggs and egg ingredients used in all company-operated stores in the U.S. and Canada are cage-free. In EMEA company-operated stores, 99.7 percent all eggs and egg ingredients are cage-free. In Asian company-operated markets such as China and Japan, the production of cage-free eggs is not widespread and supply is not yet available at scale. Starbucks will continue to engage and consult with industry stakeholders on increasing the available supply in order to achieve our goal for company-operated stores in those markets.

Since 2008, we have made significant progress, increasing our purchases year-over-year in cage-free eggs. We remain committed to working with our suppliers toward our goal to exclusively use 100% cage-free eggs and egg products in company-operated stores globally. This commitment extends to all Starbucks branded products, including those supplied to our licensee business partners in the U.S. and Canada.

Read more about Starbucks animal welfare-friendly practices here.