Starbucks membership of the Cocoa & Forests Initiative and the collective commitment to end cocoa-related deforestation

Updated May 2024

Starbucks is committed to contributing positively to the communities we work with, and to giving more than we take from the environment.  We deliver on these promises in our retail stores as well as in the management of our supply chains. 

To help deliver on these promises, we became a signatory member of the Cocoa & Forest Initiative’s (CFI) framework in 2022, and along with other CFI signatories, we proudly announced an action plan to support collective action to end cocoa-related deforestation in sourcing cocoa.

Joining the CFI is important because it brought together the governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, as well as 36 leading cocoa and chocolate companies, to take collective steps to end deforestation and restore forest areas.  Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana are the largest suppliers of cocoa in the world, so their combined actions play a crucial role in protecting and restoring biodiversity, sequestering carbon stocks in West African forests, and addressing climate change in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.  By improving the sustainability of cocoa farming practices, we are also supporting the cocoa farming communities forming part of our supply chains.

You can learn more about our collective action to end cocoa-related deforestation in our latest progress report here.