Keep the Summer Vibes Going with New Starbucks Drinkware


Starbucks is adding a pop of color to vibrant summer days with new reusable drinkware that will make every summer sip look and feel like a celebration. The new drinkware is available in a variety of fluorescent colors and patterns at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S. for a limited time, while supplies last. Customers who bring a clean, reusable cup to Starbucks can receive a $.10 discount on their order, and Starbucks Rewards® members receive an additional 25 Stars*.

Cobalt Grid Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Cobalt Grid Cold Cup (24 oz)

This midnight blue, textured tumbler exudes the magic and mystery of summer nights with every sip. Suggested Retail Price: $22.95

Iridescent Print Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Iridescent Print Cold Cup (24 oz)

Dazzling, glimmering, shimmering: this new cold cup has main character energy. Suggested Retail Price: $19.95

Teal Stainless Steel Tumbler (16 oz)

Product Recommendation:Teal Stainless Steel Tumbler (16 oz)

Bring the blues and hues of the ocean on every summer adventure with this luminous new tumbler. Suggested Retail Price: $24.95

Lime Kaleidoscope Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Lime Kaleidoscope Cold Cup (24 oz)

Savor the look and feel of summer citrus with every sip with this lime-hued cup. Suggested Retail Price: $22.95

Fuchsia Glow Water Bottle (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Fuchsia Glow Water Bottle (24 oz)

Sparks fly with every drink from this radiant purple water bottle. Suggested Retail Price: $14.95

Fluorescent Rainbow Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Fluorescent Rainbow Cold Cup (24 oz)

Somewhere over the rainbow exists the perfect fluorescent, multicolor cold cup. Suggested Retail Price: $29.95


Product Recommendation:Fluorescent Reusable Cold Cup Set (24 oz)

Each sip comes with a side of positivity with this reusable cold cup set in bold color combos and daring designs. Suggested Retail Price: $19.95

Back to School Cold Cup (24 oz)

Product Recommendation:Back to School Cold Cup (24 oz)

Embrace inner quirkiness with this animated new cold cup when heading back to school. Suggested Retail Price: $19.95

Pricing of drinkware varies by retailer, and availability may vary based on store location.

*Valid at participating stores on in-store beverage purchases only (max 3x per day). To qualify for the reusable cup benefit, you must have made at least one Star earning transaction.

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