Starbucks People Positive Commitment

From interior of customers' car, view of smiling barista in drive thru wearing headscarf

At Starbucks, we put people at the center of our work. We have always believed that our success should be shared, and we remain committed to providing an elevated experience for our partners (employees). We know that our success can be built upon to help our partners achieve their biggest dreams and to help our communities thrive. We are committed to being people positive—a bold effort to enhance the well-being of all who connect with Starbucks, through actions and programs rooted in opportunity, inclusion and community.  

2030 Goal

We will enhance the well-being of all who connect with Starbucks with the goal of uplifting 1 billion people by 2030

Areas of Focus


We believe it is our responsibility to advance racial and social equity, and we are committed to furthering that work with intention, transparency, and accountability.  


Provide pathways for people to achieve their own version of success by creating access to lifelong learning and skills and investing in the future of our partners and coffee farmers.


Strengthen the communities we serve across the globe by establishing more meaningful connections and support resiliency.

  • Open 1,000 community stores globally
  • Enable food security across 100 global markets and coffee-growing communities
  • Uplift the lives of 1 million women and girls in coffee- tea- and cocoa- growing communities through The Starbucks Foundation’s Origin Grants
  • Expand The Starbucks Foundation’s grant programs to reach 25,000 neighborhoods around the world