Colorful drinkware at Starbucks to match any summer mood

For a summer that’s sure to be the best one yet, find vibrant, colorful, reusable drinkware to pair with any summer mood. From trending lime green to calm blues and energetic reds, find cold cups, tumblers, water bottles and more at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada this summer, while supplies last. Don’t forget, Starbucks Rewards members who bring a clean, personal reusable cup into cafés will earn 25 Stars in addition to the existing 10 cents off their beverage. 

Green must-haves for a summer of new beginnings

The hottest color of the season signifies growth and the start of something new. For customers who are ready for a summer of renewal, Starbucks has a variety of lime green merchandise to match.

Lime Cold Cup (24 oz)

The perfectly lime complement to your daily cup of cold coffee.

Lime Speckle Cold Cup (24 oz)

Add a pop of yellow to that go-to summer green with this dual-colored cold cup.

Beaded Lime Water Bottle (20 oz)

Keep a water bottle nearby to stay hydrated for a zen summer.

Cool Lime Tumbler (12 oz)

New season, new routine. Customers can take their coffee with them wherever they go with the Cool Lime Tumbler.

A whimsical summer escape

Lighter hues of the regal color purple bring a sense of whimsy and playfulness to any summer sip.

Purple Iridescent Bling Cup (24 oz)

The newest version of the fan-favorite Bling Cup shines with eye-catching iridescence. Available exclusively at Starbucks licensed store locations in the U.S., which includes stores within grocers, airports, hospitals and more.

The best of both worlds

For those who seek out a summer of both lowkey moments and high energy adventure, look no further than merchandise featuring both the calmness of blue and the vibrance of red.

Watermelon Gradient Tumbler (16 oz)

This perfectly contrasting gradient tumbler is ready to match any calm, cool and collected day or the most electric summer moment.

Find balance with magnetic magenta

Magenta is the color of harmony, bringing together the passion, power, and energy of red with the quiet calm of violet.

Dragonfruit Tumbler (12 oz)

For a summer of balance, customers can add a spark of magenta to their coffee routine. Available exclusively at Starbucks licensed stores in the U.S. and Canada.

For whatever the summer may bring

For customers who need a bit of inspiration for what energy to bring to the day, they can take a cue from the color their cup turns when a cold beverage is added to it. Watch a mystery color appear – whether it turns blue, orange, pink, red or turquoise, there’s a surprise color to match any summer mood.

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