Starbucks ceo: The right to vote is core to our Democracy

In a message to Starbucks partners (employees), ceo Kevin Johnson encouraged partners to use their voice to make a difference in the communities it serves, reinforcing Starbucks commitment to civic engagement.  


I am proud to share that today Starbucks joined the Business for Voting Rights Coalition in calling on Congress to update the Voting Rights Act, to help ensure protection of the right to vote for all. This builds on our multi-year non-partisan effort to encourage partners and customers to vote, while ensuring that no partner has to choose between working or voting on (or before) Election Day. 

Throughout our history, Starbucks has been committed to ensuring that the voices of our partners are heard. The Voting Rights Act was signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson and was designed to enforce the voting rights guaranteed by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.  We believe civic engagement is critical in building stronger communities and we will continue to provide tools and resources to help you use your voice to make a difference in your communities. Voting is one way this can come to life and protecting the right to vote for every eligible American, regardless of who they vote for, is core to the integrity of our Democracy. 

Every election, whether it be for President of the United States or your local mayor or city council member, is important. We will continue to ensure that Starbucks partners have access to expanded tools and resources to participate in the democratic process. You will also hear more from us on the ways you can get involved in your communities, and how Starbucks is supporting you in this work. Based on your feedback, we continue to focus on:

  • Supporting you and your manager so you can create a personal plan to vote in a way that works for your schedule. 
  • Providing new and updated education and resources to so you can register, request a mail in ballot, and learn more about the issues that matter to you and your loved ones – all in one place. 
  • Solidifying resources for partners including ride-share options, where allowed, to get to your polling place or ballot box on or before Election Day.

The right to vote is core to our Democracy. The struggle for civil rights and racial equity in America exists in every aspect of our society, and the democratic process is no exception. We believe that voting should be free of discrimination of any kind.

Thank you for your continued engagement.