Letter to Starbucks partners: Our path forward after Buffalo union vote

In a letter to Starbucks partners from Rossann Williams, executive vice president, president North America shares a commitment to fairness and equity for partners, for growing and learning together and standing together as one Starbucks.


Let me start by saying Starbucks was founded on relationships. Our strength is our relationships between all of us as partners, with our customers and with the communities we serve. And at the heart of that, the very best of Starbucks, will always be YOU. Because everything we love most about Starbucks is thanks to partners who work directly together with care, partnership and respect.

From the beginning, we’ve been clear in our belief that we do not want a union between us as partners, and that conviction has not changed. However, we have also said that we respect the legal process. This means we will bargain in good faith with the union that represents partners in the one Buffalo store that voted in favor of union representation. Our hope is that union representatives also come to the table with mutual good faith, respect and positive intent.

Our commitment to each of you is that we will always stay true to our Mission and Values. We stand for fairness and equity for our partners. We stand for growing and learning together. We stand for the Starbucks Experience, and building a company together where partners and the business can thrive and share success. And, most importantly, we always stand together as one Starbucks. Always.

We want every partner to love working at Starbucks. I hear from so many of you who love our culture and are proud of what we’re building and stand for together. We bring warmth and belonging to one another, creating a sense of family, and we share this with our customers, creating a sense of community. Again, these relationships are what make us so special.

If we sometimes fall short, we want to continue to hear from you. That way we can work together to make the improvements necessary to provide you the very best partner experience we can.

Thank you again for all that you do. From my family to yours, we wish all of you and those you love a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!

Warm regards,