An update on Starbucks ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

Every day at Starbucks we set out to be a different kind of company that champions Our Mission and Values rooted in providing a third place that is welcoming to everyone. To live out this principle, we strive to create opportunity for all by elevating equity, diversity and inclusion in everything we do – to benefit our partners, our customers and the communities we serve. Through ongoing community partnerships, feedback from our partners and customers, and counsel from civil rights leaders, Starbucks will continue our journey to be a place where everyone is welcome.

Here are some of our latest updates on these efforts since we released the Civil Rights Assessment in January 2019:

  • Maintaining Pay Equity in the US, Verifying Gender Equity in Pay in China and Canada: Just last week, Starbucks held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Seattle where it announced it maintained 100 percent pay equity for men and women and all races performing similar work this year. As part of its commitment to advancing gender equity in pay globally, our ceo Kevin Johnson shared that China and Canada – two of Starbucks largest international markets – have also verified gender pay equity. We continue to encourage multinational companies to achieve global gender pay equity by sharing our Pay Equity Principles for employers to adopt, regardless of where they are in their journey to closing the gender wage gap.
  • Principles for Upholding the Third Place: Following a recommendation in the Civil Rights Assessment from Covington and Burling LLP, under the leadership of the former Attorney General Eric Holder, on January 23, 2019, Starbucks published its principles on upholding the third place. This public statement describes the key principles and responsibilities, including our position on discrimination, that will continue to guide Starbucks as we hold ourselves accountable to them.
  • Continued Investment in Philadelphia: Last fall, Starbucks partnered with Philadelphia employers and the nonprofit community to create career opportunities and provide career preparation resources for 1,700 Philadelphians. Starbucks continues to serve on the Advisory Board of the Hire! Philly coalition – a group of employers from the Philadelphia region dedicated to creating workforce opportunities. We also continue to build our investment in the Philadelphia community by providing grants from The Starbucks Foundation to high-impact nonprofits including City Year, YouthBuild, Turning Points for Children, The Attic Youth Center, United Way and Cheyney University, among others.
  • Partnering with National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives "NOBLE": In March, Starbucks hosted a Town Hall during the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives “NOBLE” CEO Symposium held in Houston. The Town Hall, with the participation of retailers, civil rights groups, academics and hospitality associations, was designed explore bias in public accommodation with law enforcement organizations, and to discuss the proper use of emergency services in order to mitigate discrimination. These groups will continue dialogue and develop best practices for collaboration and engagement between retailers and law enforcement.
  • Third Place Development Series: Starbucks continues our commitment to further conversations and supporting training on how to create more welcoming and inclusive experience for our partners and customers. In addition to making the May 29 unconscious bias training public, we proactively share our learnings and materials with other companies and institutions who are approaching similar challenges. In January, Starbucks released the fourth installment of its internal development series for partners, The Community Builder. The installment was designed for partners emphasizing the importance of being a community builder and creating a safe place and soft-landing space for all partners and customers. In March, Starbucks released a fifth installment, Creating an Inclusive Environment, addressing the importance of inclusivity in our world and why we should advocate for all people.

We are committed to advancing this work as we aspire to live our Mission and Values and create an even more inclusive, diverse and equitable company where everyone is welcome.

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