Starbucks opens Community Store in Jonesboro, Ga.

6564 Tara Blvd,
Jonesboro, GA 30236

On Friday, July 12, Starbucks will open a new store in Jonesboro as part of the company’s ongoing initiative to support economic development in diverse, underserved areas of the country. 

Each location, including the store in Jonesboro, aims to support the community by creating new jobs, engaging minority-owned businesses and collaborating with local nonprofits to support and create needed opportunities for the community.

Since launching the initiative in 2015, Starbucks has opened 13 other stores across the country in Jamaica in Queens, New York; Ferguson, Missouri; Phoenix, Arizona; Englewood in the southside of Chicago; east Baltimore; Long Beach, California; Trenton, New Jersey; White Center in south Seattle; Miami Gardens, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Dallas, Texas; Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, New York; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Local Jobs

The new Starbucks in Jonesboro has created 28 local jobs by hiring partners (employees) from the area. Hiring local partners is an important part of Starbucks strategy to support economic development and build stronger connections with the community. Both qualifying full-time and part-time partners at the Jonesboro store will able to take advantage of the company’s leading benefits, including full health care coverage and equity in the form of stock; the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, which gives partners the opportunity to get a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University with full tuition reimbursement; and more.

“This store is the first of its kind in Georgia and our partners are eager to create relationships and a hub for connection in Jonesboro,” said Derrick Pratt, regional vice president of Southeast Operations for Starbucks. “We believe businesses like ours have a responsibility to help drive real human impact in the communities we serve – and we’ve found that what’s good for the communities we serve is also good for business.”

Working with Minority-Owned Businesses and Artists 

As with each of its Community Stores around the country, Starbucks worked with a minority-owned general contractor to build the store. The store also features pieces from local artist and Tanzanian-Nigerian creative Marryam Moma whose collage art in the store celebrates Atlanta’s rich cultural heritage of human connection, empowerment and beauty.

“The local community and so many non-profit organizations have worked diligently to create fertile ground for visual artists like myself to flourish and thrive,” said Moma. “My artistic inspiration today is derived from all the culture, public art installations, several exhibits and shows around the city and building connections and nurturing friendships with other artists in the community.”

Community Connections

We aim to engage our local communities through our partners (employees), dream big about what we can accomplish, and celebrate local events and projects. Like other community stores, the new location in Jonesboro will include a dedicated space where local non-profit collaborators, led by the United Way of Greater Atlanta, can organize and deliver workforce development seminars with a focus on wrap-around services for Opportunity Youth in the community.

“This partnership between United Way of Greater Atlanta and Starbucks is significant to the Jonesboro community as it will create local jobs for young adults and provide more resources to ensure there is an opportunity for all to thrive,” said Michele Jacobs, Director of Youth Development at United Way of Greater Atlanta.  

Other community organizations can also use the space to support their programs that give back to the local area and people. That includes additional workforce training programs to group gatherings. In collaboration with United Way of Greater Atlanta, our partners will also join the Child Well-Being Movement to engage and bring together people and resources in Jonesboro to drive lasting improvements in the well-being of children, families and the communities that surround them.

By providing partners, community organizations, and non-profits with the resources and inspiration to own the engagement in the Jonesboro store, Starbucks can build lasting relationships with community members and organizations and leave a long-term impact on the neighborhood.