Starbucks Mexico opens its second store operated exclusively by older citizens

Located in Chapalita Oriente in the state of Jalisco, the store will be operated by partners age 52 to 66

This is the second Starbucks store to be staffed by older partners; the first opened in Mexico City last year

Starbucks aims to provide employment for 120 older citizens in Mexico by the end of 2019

Dulce Serrano, age 55, retired two years ago after having spent her life working in the administration departments of various companies. But before long, she realized that working helped give her purpose and that her work ethic could still serve to inspire others. She wasn’t ready to be done.

Today, she’s beginning the next chapter of her life as she, along with 13 other seniors, start work at an innovative Starbucks store in Mexico operated entirely by older citizens. After a progressive transition of the members of its previous workforce, this store located at Av. Guadalupe 1550, Chapalita Oriente, Zapopan, Jalisco, will be run by partners ages 52 to 66. It’s the second such Starbucks store in Mexico; the first opened in Mexico City last year.

“I’ve always felt proud of being a happy, glass-half-full person,” said Serrano. “For me, working sets an example to my daughter.”

Five years ago, Starbucks and the National Institute for Elderly People (INAPAM) became strategic allies to ensure labor inclusion for senior citizens by creating opportunities that improve their quality of life and well-being. For both organizations, it is vital that senior citizens feel appreciated in a socially inclusive environment that cares about them and thinks of them as symbols of experience. Today, the company is strengthening its commitment to social inclusion by taking this store model to the state of Jalisco, with the aim of ultimately providing employment for 120 senior citizens in Mexico by the end of 2019.

For Diana González, head of HR at Starbucks Mexico, “creating opportunities through our employment programs is part of Starbucks’ essence. We have become the first job experience for 80% of our partners because we believe in them and have designed a personalized career path. We believe in senior citizens who seek new work experiences. We are a multi-generation company that embraces diversity and inclusion, and we are thrilled to continue fostering a well-balanced work environment that includes both young partners and senior citizens.”

Gustavo Blanco Gómez is also part of the new team at Starbucks Chapalita, after having worked in retail most of his life. “I chose working here to meet different people every day, learn new things, get to know more about the world of coffee, and make a lot of friends,” he said.

Lucía Estrada, Jaime García, and María de los Ángeles Guzmán are also part of Starbucks Chapalita. “Working at Starbucks has been one of the best decisions I’ve made,” said Estrada. “Truly, you can achieve your goals at any age.” Garcia said he was seeking a new source of income as well as changing his daily routine. And de los Ángeles Guzmán said she was looking forward to this next phase of her life. “I can connect with people and learn values I had never experienced before.”

“Opening our doors to senior citizen baristas has never been about meeting a goal; it is an act of congruity that follows closely Starbucks’ core philosophy on inclusion,” she said. ” Bringing together people of all ages in our stores makes them truly unique spaces. We celebrate having all sorts of talents, experiences, and perspectives embodied by each of our partners. They are the ones driving Starbucks’ success.”