Starbucks Delivers expands to Dallas, Houston and Orange County

Starbucks Delivers, powered by Uber Eats, continues to roll out across the U.S., and is now available in 11 markets

Today, Starbucks announced the expansion of Starbucks Delivers to Dallas, Houston and Orange County. The delivery program powered by Uber Eats is now available in 11 U.S. markets.

Starbucks continues to leverage Uber’s expertise as a quick and reliable delivery provider that offers customers a premium experience. Initially introduced as a pilot program in Miami, Starbucks Delivers rolled out to six markets earlier this year and continues to expand. Starbucks Delivers is available in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and most recently, Dallas, Houston and Orange County.

  • Order Today: Starbucks Delivers is available via the Uber Eats mobile app on iOS and Android devices. Learn more and order here.
  • Quick, Reliable Delivery: Powered by the Uber Eats platform, customers can follow orders within the mobile app, tracking progress and location of their Uber courier to ensure proper delivery of their food and beverage items within 30 minutes. Starbucks has also developed packaging to help ensure the quality of hot and cold menu items.
  • Customization: With approximately 95% of core menu items available directly from the Starbucks menu, customers will be able to customize their orders just as they would when ordering on Starbucks® mobile apps. Delivery orders have a $0.49 delivery fee and 15% service fee. There is a small order fee of $2 for orders under $10.

Learn more about Starbucks Delivers global initiatives here.