Message to partners from Kevin regarding Our Mission and Values

Earlier today, Kevin Johnson, ceo of Starbucks, shared the following message with Starbucks partners (employees).


Today we celebrate the launch of Howard’s next book, From the Ground Up, a story of Howard’s childhood, family journey, and his life’s work at Starbucks. It is a reminder to us that we are all part of a different kind of company; a company grounded in the joy of human connection, the romance of all things coffee, and a belief in serving others and doing good in this world.

As you know, Howard transitioned from the company last year. But he built a company that endures by staying true to Our Mission and Values while, at the same time, reimagining our future. 

Howard has moved forward to the next chapter of his life, where he has expressed an interest in public service, and potentially public office. Whatever he decides, it is my personal belief that Howard will continue to make a positive impact on the lives he touches, and I wish him well.

Many of us will inevitably be asked if the company supports a possible presidential candidacy of Howard and what changes for Starbucks. As a company, we don’t get involved in national political campaigns. And nothing changes for Starbucks.  

As we have for the past 48 years since Starbucks was founded, we will continue to live Our Mission and Values and create a great Starbucks customer experience in each of our stores.

We believe in the pursuit of doing good:

  • We will continue to drive initiatives that promote equality, inclusion and opportunities for our partners.
  • We will continue to support bringing people together in service and working to address complex problems in our communities.
  • And we will continue to make sustainability a priority as we have for more than 30 years, from ethically and sustainably sourcing coffee to building greener stores.

This is what our partners and customers expect of Starbucks.

As we have always done, we remind you – that each of us, as citizens – has an opportunity to make our own informed decisions about politics and the future of our communities and our country. And as Starbucks partners, we have a responsibility to always recognize and respect the diversity of perspectives of all customers and partners on these topics.

Thank you for continuing to create those “best moments” for customers in our stores as we stay true to Our Mission to “Inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

I am proud to be your partner.