Starbucks CFO Scott Maw Highlights Strength of Starbucks Business at UBS

March 8, 2018 – As part of the UBS Global Consumer and Retail Conference – Starbucks chief financial officer Scott Maw delivered a presentation to more than 200 analysts and investors, detailing the strength of the brand and the confidence in successfully driving the company’s growth agenda. This is the first time since our Q1 Earnings that the company has spoken extensively about our approach and provides a great deal of content and insight into its strategy.

Scott highlighted the company’s six operational priorities for long-term growth, drilling deeper into three specific areas that will be key in the company’s efforts to stabilize and drive growth in the U.S. Those include:

  • Operational excellence to accelerate U.S. comps across all dayparts
  • Innovation across food and beverage
  • Extending digital engagements and the opportunity for those customers that aren't in the Starbucks Rewards program to have digital relationships with Starbucks.

Scott also highlighted key areas for global growth, including China, CPG, and Siren Retail.

Please view a replay of the presentation here. Full transcript of the presentation can be found here.